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Alert, Pre-eclampsia Can Cause Death!

Preeclampsia is intoxication in pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia in pregnant women around 20 years old or over 35 years. Pre-eclampsia can also occur in women who are pregnant for the first time.
Preeclampsia is a disease often found in pregnant women and remains a leading cause of death worldwide. In the United States, 1 / 3 of maternal deaths caused by preeclampsia. Similarly, in Indonesia.

Preeclampsia is intoxication in pregnancy. This usually occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy may also appear in the second quarter. Preeclampsia can occur in any pregnant women. Some conditions that have the possibility of experiencing pre-eclampsia, pregnancy is, first, twin pregnancy, pregnant women with diabetes, pregnant women with a history of hypertension, has a problem with the kidneys, and also first woman who was pregnant at the age of 20 years over 35 years.

The risk of preeclampsia is also elevated in pregnancy, the mother who already had experienced preeclampsia in previous pregnancies. If not handled properly and quickly, soon become preeclampsia or eclampsia, which is infection and bleeding. And that could be fatal.

Factors Causes and symptoms

Almost all pregnant women may suffer from preeclampsia. According to Dr. Yunus SPOG Omni International Hospital Mufti of Serpong, Tangerang, the biggest risk factor for the first time the mother was pregnant at the age of 20 years. "Preeclampsia can occur in women undergoing pregnancy at the age of 30-35 years and women who suffer from obesity," he said.

Pre-eclampsia can also occur in conditions of multiple pregnancies and pregnancies distance, about 10 years. Preeclampsia is also often linked with a genetic factor. There are many symptoms that arise. Sometimes these symptoms are often considered to be fair. One of them is headache due to hypertension, especially if the pregnancy has reached the age of 20 weeks.

"Usually the mother will experience headache very often," he said.

In this case we found increases in blood pressure at 130/90 mmHg. The swelling in the foot and leg. In a more serious condition, the swelling occurs throughout the body due to capillary leak, as water seeps that form part of the cell and tissues of the body, and buried in a particular section.

"The examination found high levels of protein in urine due to kidney disorders," he said.

In some cases there are also symptoms were blurred vision and sensitivity to light. The mother was also a frequent upper abdominal pain, usually under the ribs on the right, accompanied by nausea. Weight gain of more than 1.36 kg per week during the second quarter and more than 0.45 kg per week during the third quarter.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis is confirmed by patient history and examination. "If the examination revealed the conditions as mentioned above, I was sure that the mother suffered from preeclampsia," he explained. Melliputi examination tests of blood, urine and kidney tests.

When the mother suffered only mild preeclampsia, this condition does not always require medication, but only a routine pregnancy test. The administration of drugs or supplements are not guaranteed to prevent the mother from preeclampsia, but helps control the condition of the mother. But if preeclampsia is more serious, the mother was advised complete bed rest or may be recommended to run the hospital for treatment, in general, conditions should be monitored to further research in blood pressure and baby's development.

Treatment depends on the gestational age and proximity to the approximate birth. When preeclampsia occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will take immediate action to remove the baby. But if eclampsia occurs in early pregnancy, doctors try to prolong the pregnancy until the baby is deemed to have been strong enough to be born.

When I was around the time of childbirth and the baby is considered sufficiently developed, the doctor will suggest to remove the baby as soon as possible.

"But it's good if the mother is undergoing treatment at the hospital before delivery to avoid the worst risks," she said.

Remember, do not let the mother has a seizure. If not, the problem grows. If conditions worsen, will affect the functioning of the heart, liver and lungs that can cause death. If the mother's general condition worsened, doctors will soon carry out an induction or cesarean delivery and speed to rescue the mother and baby.

Can Normal

Many people assume that pregnant women experience preeclampsia can not give birth normally. Especially in the case of severe preeclampsia. But it was not entirely correct. Pregnant women suffering from preeclampsia could give birth to a condition of normal pregnancy and birth is sufficient to see the maturity of the mother's cervix.

"What must be considered for patients with preeclampsia who want natural childbirth, which continue to occur and seizures oksigenisasi. And, most importantly, the administration of medications for hypertension," he said.

Since the exact cause of preeclampsia is unknown, early prevention can be done is to ensure regular inspection every month so that the development of weight and maternal blood pressure can be adequately controlled. Therefore, it is urged pregnant women to check themselves to see a doctor regularly to treat this disease early. Certainly the mother's diet should also be considered, because obesity can also be a cause of preeclampsia. The mothers should have a healthy diet a balanced diet. Ideally, the diet has been in place since the pregnancy before pregnancy or when planning.

It Reveals the Mystery of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease in fact save a lot of mysteries. In a series of recent studies, the veil of mystery is finally slowly began to open wide.

A number of researchers are developing a simple memory test tool that can help determine when a person suffers from dementia and brain signals such as reasoning problems in Alzheimer's disease.

In a study in the journal Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders, a neurologist, Dr. Douglas Scharrer at Ohio State University Medical Center, USA, reported that these test kits can detect up to 80 percent of people with mild memory problems and brain.

In this study revealed that people have a good brain function, of which one shows the person has a problem, amounting to 5 percent among people with normal memory.

In published data, Scharrer also said the tests could help people get appropriate treatment for conditions such as Alzheimer's disease ini.Yang become an obstacle, he said, and this is repeated so that people do not come in initial diagnosis.

Another thing, he continued, the family refuses to make the recognition of patients because they do not want to know the worst of themselves known.

"Whatever the reason, this is regrettable because the drugs we use now works better than before," said HealthdayNews.com Scharrer.

The test can be done in writing. Scharrer said that this test may help people who are not comfortable with technology such as computers. This test only takes 15 minutes to complete and is available free to health workers in www.sagetest.osu.edu.

"They can take the test in the waiting room while waiting for the doctor," Scharrer said.

"This test can show abnormal early warning for the families of patients," Scharrer said.

The results can provide guidance to caregivers for the elderly began to more closely monitor the patient's condition to ensure the safety and health.

It would protect patients from "predatory" financial. In this study, 254 people over 59 years and has run this test. In all, 63 of which require in-depth clinical care to assess the level of cognitive ability.

Another study showed that people with a family history of developing Alzheimer's disease appears to have toxic groups of the protein in their brains, even though they are known to be very healthy. This research was conducted by the New York University Langone Medical Center, USA.

Researchers say these findings could lead to new methods to identify individuals more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease the highest, when there was still time to do something.

"Hopefully, someday the medical community to diagnose with precision and clarity the process before Alzheimer's symptoms occur when the brain is still healthy. And care will have the best chance of success," said Lisa Mosconi of New York Medical Center Langone, University of New York University, USA.

This is expressed in the journal The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research team continues to follow the participants in this study to see if they could also be affected by dementia and want to replicate the findings of a study that much greater.

A few teams have been working on better ways to detect the early stages of Alzheimer's in hopes of developing drugs that could fight before causing further damage.

Current treatments can not reverse the course of Alzheimer's brains, but "steal" the thoughts that cause dementia affecting over 26 million people worldwide.

Mosconi The research team used the imaging technique called positron emission tomography or PET with a fluorescent dye called Pittsburgh Compound B.

These compounds cause clumps of proteins called beta-amyloid which is characteristic of Alzheimer's disease. The research team reflected the brains of 42 men with a mean age of 65, with a healthy brain function.

Of this total, 14 people suffering from Alzheimer women, 14 men with the disease and 14 parents with healthy brain function. The brain scans of 42 men found that those whose parents, either father or mother has Alzheimer's is more likely to amyloid plaques in the brain. This is especially true for people whose mother had Alzheimer's.

"They have a" deposit "of 20 percent more beta-amyloid in their brains. In other words, they are almost four times greater risk for beta-amyloid pathology," said Mosconi.

The results of this study reaffirm that having a mother with Alzheimer's may become a major risk factor for Alzheimer's.

"It seems that if you have a maternal history of Alzheimer's disease, beta amyloid plaques and risk reduction in brain activity is much greater than having a parent with the same condition," said Mosconi.

After the third age, "said Mosconi, family history of Alzheimer's is increasing the greatest risk factor for the spread of this disease. Not everyone who has beta-amyloid plaque in their brains develop Alzheimer's disease.

"Having a plaque did not increase the risk (Alzheimer's)," he said.

Definition of Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common form of dementia in the clinic. Dementia is a symptom of brain damage interfere with the ability to thought, memory and language function. This causes difficulties for patients with dementia to perform daily activities.

Name of Alzheimer's disease comes from the name of Dr. Alois Alzheimer, the German doctor who first discovered the disease in 1906. Dr. Alzheimer noticed changes in brain tissue in women who died from a mental disorder who had never known before.


Diabetes can lead to Hemodialysis

Levels of blood sugar in people with uncontrolled diabetes can cause various complications. A condition is bad and expensive that causes kidney failure forced to wash the blood.

"Most patients on dialysis are usually people with diabetes and hypertension as a result," said Dante Harbuwono Sakson, a specialist in diseases of the Division of Metabolism and Endocrinology, University of Indonesia, in the speech event arena on diabetes in the Women's Health Expo on Friday (5/2/2010).

Just to illustrate, in the U.S. study, 100 percent of dialysis patients, about 43 percent of whom are people with diabetes, 28 percent of people with high blood pressure, and the remainder due to other diseases .

Chronic diseases

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease as a result of high levels of blood sugar. High levels of blood sugar caused by the body's inability to produce the hormone insulin or ineffective use of insulin production. blood sugar may increase due to food, stress, illness and certain medications.

Dante said that if uncontrolled blood sugar, complications can occur. Complications associated with metabolic changes. In the kidney, for example, alteration or change in the circulation and filtering functions.

In the kidney there are millions of tiny blood vessels that act as filters to remove waste products from the blood. High levels of blood sugar make the kidneys filter too much blood.

After several years, the system will filter leakage of protein in the urine. The weight of the kidneys, which causes the kidneys lose their ability to filter the blood causing kidney failure. The control of blood sugar and blood pressure to minimize the possibility of kidney damage.

"The blood pressure should also be kept high in order not to affect the function because it is too," he said. How to maintain levels of blood sugar and blood pressure, among others, with a proper diet, regular exercise, and consumption of drugs if necessary.

Fatty deposits

Another complication is rupture of the heart. About 75-80 percent of diabetes deaths due to abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels. This is because the incidence of fatty deposits in blood vessels that obstructs blood flow. If this occurs in blood vessels of the heart, can cause a heart attack.

In addition, complications can also change other blood vessels in the eye (blindness), genitals, legs and brain.

The precipitating factors of diabetes mellitus, among others, lack of exercise, overeating, pregnancy, and lack of insulin production. Diabetes is not curable, but the levels of sugar in the blood can be controlled so that various complications can be prevented.

Dante says, a problem more serious type II diabetes. The number of victims continues to grow. In Jakarta, for example, in 1980, the prevalence of diabetes by 2.8 percent in 2005 to 12.1 percent.

One obstacle is the management of patients with diabetes do not find the correct information and try to treat. The victims, for example, assume, consume the bitter and sour, as brotowali, stop, or noni fruit, goes against diabetes.

Many times after consuming the materials and people with not doing more to control the disease. Another problem is that people with low level of compliance. With no symptoms, then the pattern of people living with a back injury.


Cleaning the ears, eyes and nose for Baby

Organs around the baby's face should be cleaned to maintain their health. However, these parts need special attention because the baby's skin is very thin and fragile. Here are tips from the book-smart tips Caring for babies 0-12 months dr. Suririnah.

Let's clean the baby, it is important to ensure that your hands are clean. Use a gentle cotton swab moistened with warm boiled water, wring it out, then gently rub the baby's eyes are covered with cotton. From the corner of your eye near the nose to the outer edge of the eye. Do not use the cotton itself several times. Replace cotton swabs to prevent the spread of any germs. Dry eyes with a tissue or cloth.

Clean the dirt on the baby's nose when it starts to look at the dirt from outside. Use cotton came (swab), which has been moistened with warm boiled water, dirt and lift it slowly.

Clean the rear, outside and around the baby's ear gently with cotton leaves drift that has been moistened warm boiled water or a washcloth with warm water and dry.

Avoid cleaning the inside of the ears of a baby, because it can lead to serum (ear wax) is mixed with dust or dirt pushed into the inner ear to the eardrum around. If you repeatedly, then the land can be put together and harden, thus blocking the eardrum to capture sound vibrations from the outside. The wax or serum part of the ear system to defend against entry of dust and dirt to protect the baby's eardrum.


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