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Cleaning the ears, eyes and nose for Baby

Organs around the baby's face should be cleaned to maintain their health. However, these parts need special attention because the baby's skin is very thin and fragile. Here are tips from the book-smart tips Caring for babies 0-12 months dr. Suririnah.

Let's clean the baby, it is important to ensure that your hands are clean. Use a gentle cotton swab moistened with warm boiled water, wring it out, then gently rub the baby's eyes are covered with cotton. From the corner of your eye near the nose to the outer edge of the eye. Do not use the cotton itself several times. Replace cotton swabs to prevent the spread of any germs. Dry eyes with a tissue or cloth.

Clean the dirt on the baby's nose when it starts to look at the dirt from outside. Use cotton came (swab), which has been moistened with warm boiled water, dirt and lift it slowly.

Clean the rear, outside and around the baby's ear gently with cotton leaves drift that has been moistened warm boiled water or a washcloth with warm water and dry.

Avoid cleaning the inside of the ears of a baby, because it can lead to serum (ear wax) is mixed with dust or dirt pushed into the inner ear to the eardrum around. If you repeatedly, then the land can be put together and harden, thus blocking the eardrum to capture sound vibrations from the outside. The wax or serum part of the ear system to defend against entry of dust and dirt to protect the baby's eardrum.


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