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Running Barefoot is Better

The results of the latest study say, running barefoot is more beneficial for the body because the feet on the ground directly. Moreover, the risk of barefoot runners bottom of the anatomic lesion of the foot, because the feet setting better.

The study, published in Nature magazine, was conducted by researchers at Harvard University. We compared two groups of riders, students from the United States and Kenya. They were asked to run 20 km at least every week.

These two groups of runners had significant differences. Groups of the United States are accustomed to wearing the shoes, almost always, and rarely barefoot. While the Kenyan runners accustomed to bare feet. The researchers also compared the two groups of adolescents in Kenya, namely, never wore shoes and shoes.

The researchers found that when people run with variations, runners who do not wear shoes tend to use the entire leg or as part of putting a foot hits the ground first is the soles, new heels.

In contrast to the runners wore shoes, the heel landed 75 percent of them first. It is thus more prone to injury.

Landed feet in the center or the front of the foot is required round the calf muscles are strong, but the disruption of the smaller muscles, "said William L. Jungers, Head, Department of Anatomical Sciences, USA.

He added that the human foot evolved specifically and have anatomical features such as walking barefoot. This occurred approximately 4-6 million years. "However, about 2 million years, humans began walking on tiptoe to start running," said Jungers.

Those who ran barefoot heels tend to avoid landing of the first, because if done repeatedly can make your feet hurt. Besides offering comfort shoes that land no longer part of his foreleg.

So if we must begin to remove your shoes? Actually it was not. However, the researchers suggest that we are slowly starting to learn to land the center of your foot while running.

Apart from the problems of shoes, many of the benefits we can gain from the implementation of activities. Among others, to train the cardiovascular system or blood flow through blood vessels, including the heart. And, indeed, run an effective activity to burn fat.


Sweating so important!

Most of us are uncomfortable when sweating. The sweat is poured will the armpits and back of the wet (not ugly), smelling, and ruin my makeup. Yet many people deliberately try to exercise and sweat feels rested after (especially the sexy, says when you sweat).

When our body heats up, either because the air temperature, exercise, stress, or feel the breath on your neck-brain sends a message to overheat your body systems. This message was posted to the nerves that regulate more than 2 million sweat glands located under the skin. That's when the sweat glands send through the channels of sweat moisture to the skin surface. The evaporation of the skin and then cools the body.

"The hypothalamus (an important part of the substance of the brain) is the thermostat. If the temperature is raised main body, sent a message to break a sweat," said Lawrence Gibson, MD, a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic. "When the temperature drops, stops sweat more."

Benefits of sweat

Sweat consists of water, salt, and electrolytes did not really smells (just salt!). What does the smell of sweat is a mixture of sweat itself the substances of the body. Our bodies have two types of sweat glands: eccrine regulating body temperature and apocrine release of pheromones, the chemical that produces the natural odor of our bodies. The apocrine glands, which are usually in the armpits and groin, there is a thick mixture that also contains proteins and fats. Well, body odor occurs when the sweat mixes with bacteria on the skin.

Besides working for cool, sweat also showed significant signal that the body's normal functioning and healthy. "If you make an intense activity and stop sweating is a sign that you're dehydrated," said Dr. Gibson.

Sweat is also a point of reference when hot or need to replenish body fluids. Sweat, you just learn to have a drink to avoid dehydration. Another benefit of sweat, according to Christine Raffa, Raffa Power Yoga owner in Rhode Island, clean the skin, releasing toxins and make the body become wet again.

However, although we have to sweat, causing interfere if the odor. That's why I wear a deodorant (to hide the smell), antiperspirant (to stem the flow of sweat), or a combination of both.

When he heard rumors about the dangers of antiperspirant (which allegedly causes cancer) may use other means, such as the products of the armpit dry with a hair dryer after bathing or using natural ingredients.

"Nobody said that the use of antiperspirants is dangerous," said Marisa Weiss, MD, a gynecologist and obstetrics and oncology specialist, who is also president of breastcancer.org.

Most antiperspirant, according to him, is not absorbed and the amount may not be able to reach the lymph nodes near the armpit. If you can, lymph drainage flow throughout the body, not the chest.

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Detection of Health through Aura Photos

That "wow..., the mystical aura, ?" Maybe you've heard this talk from the mouths of your friends. You say so because they feel a certain impression of the figure of a person.

Aura, a sort of energy field actually in a person. The aura is formed by radiation subtle colors, which surrounds the human body. Each color signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.

You need to see your own aura to help gain insight into the mental and emotional depths. Well, the picture aura is practical and easy to learn quickly and accurately on the physical and personality.

The method used by the technology to read auras auraphotography called Biofeedback. The reading of the biological signs of a person is a primary method of analysis of the aura. The camera with handheld sensors that can connect to specific organs of the body, while measuring your body's electromagnetic field, and then sends information about the quality of your energy and aura. You can only put five fingers on the metal plate that the sensors of the hand, and immediately see the results on the computer screen.
What you get in the photograph the aura?

Through this technique, you can find the seven chakras in the human body. These seven chakras each have their own color. Each chakra represents part of our body. From the head, throat, heart, liver, stomach and genitals. Each represented with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white (from the genitals to the head). Each disc of this magnitude must be balanced.

Otherwise''there should be balanced. Usually indicate a disease or physical disorder,''said Tom Suhalim, experts Auraprimatama Aura, Women Compass found at surgery in the 1st floor of the ITC Permata Hijau. He noted, for example, in the heart.

Color disc in a healthy heart is green. But many women are often at the heart of red. Why? In photography, women still have the pain of the past that can not be forgotten.

Perhaps''realized the wound, but sometimes do not realize (buried in the subconscious),''he added Suhalim.

Besides being hurt in the past, the red color also indicates the poor health of the heart or chest area. After doing aura photos, and get a red result, you are prompted to continue consultations with the doctor.

''Not infrequently, also, the red color indicates that the woman who photographed on the rebound, or just taken,''he said.

For the red disc on the genitals, if the form is not in harmony with the other chakras in the body is a sign of disturbance in the ovary. For example, a tumor disease or endometriosis.

Besides knowing chakra, through your aura photo can also discover the personality, or your stress level. This can be seen from 12 kinds of colors of the human aura, which is different from one another. The 12 colors represent our personal character. For example, red indicates that we are hard working. Orange indicates a positive and productive. Green indicates a loving person and liked to communicate, while purple is the color of someone who is intuitive and atristik.

Well, including you?

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Water for drinking Easy No Stress

Did you know that water and stress are closely related. All parts of the human body always needs water in all its activities. When the water content in each of shortage of organs, their functions will be reduced. In addition to the more easily exposed to bacteria and viruses, are also vulnerable to stress.

The literature shows the lack of body fluids pint of water only needs each day (2 liters) can increase levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. The role of cortisol is the release of glucose into the bloodstream for energy.

Hormone cortisol with stress hormones that can interfere with some bodily functions. If only happens once in a while, not have to worry. However, if they are often dehydrated, of course, immune function can receive the effects.

But that does not mean the glasses of water to magically remove the pressures of life, ranging from money to the relationship with partners. But if all this stress has become a "food" every day, at least not you additional stress of dehydration factor.

"If we realize it or not, we become dehydrated easily when under pressure or stress. This is due to a rapid heartbeat and his breathing became heavy, so you lose fluid," said Renee Melton, MS, RD, Director Sensei Nutrition, weight decreased.

Furthermore, when the body and the mind is dealing with something stressful, usually not going to remember to drink enough water. In fact, the water helps our concentration.

"Stress can cause symptoms similar to when you are dehydrated, which increases heart rate, nausea, fatigue and headaches," said Trent Nessler, Director of Baptist Sports Medicine, USA. If most dehydration, can cause a decrease in the awareness of brain damage because the brain is the organ most sensitive to water shortages.

Water has an important role in the body, ie as solvents, catalysts, lubricants, regulation of body temperature, and the supplier of minerals and electrolytes in the body. Thirst is an indication that the body is experiencing mild dehydration.

With regular consumption, dehydration can be prevented so that the health of the body will be better. Thus, get physical and mental capacity, the better.

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Do not Do It When You Sleep

There are several things you should be turned off during sleep. What are they?
1. Wear a watch
Clockwise can emit a certain level radioactive waste. Although relatively small, if you wear a watch while you sleep in a long time, this could have adverse health effects.

2. Wearing a bra
According to scientists in the discovery of America, wearing a bra (bustehouder) over 12 hours a day, choose a higher risk of breast cancer.

3. Makeup
If you often fell asleep during the use of makeup can have skin problems. This is due to breathing difficulties and skin sweat. Therefore, the release of his skin to keep it beautiful.

4. Bringing mobile
Place a cell phone near the bed, much less on the side of the pillow is not recommended. Many of us use the phone alarm to get up early, but the place, as far as possible.

The scientists found that the electrical devices, including mobile phones and television sets emit magnetic waves when used. These waves can interfere with our nervous system. That's why you let the phone away from us at night, or just turn off.

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8 Cases of Sagging Breasts

When women reach a certain age, the breasts will relax. It is reasonable because the mammary glands are reduced, so there's no room in the skin covering the chest.

Relaxation may also be due to a drastic change in the body, so that the fat in the breasts reduced. Although conditions were not accompanied by packing mengecilnya breast skin.

An aeronautical engineer born Newport, Texas, USA, IR. N.O. Brantly states, such as aircraft, the human body are also affected by the law of gravity. Body parts were particularly important and not supported, for example, muscle or bone. Lump referred to the breast.

Dr. justified this view. Melissa S. Luwian, MHA, Indonesia Cancer Foundation. Because of prominent and had no muscles are affected breast gravity. So hanging (suspension) of this body, with the support of a particular instrument. We call it a bra, bras, breastfeeding support, or BH (holder of the breast).

According Brantly, BH is the cause that makes the most beautiful breasts are not. Unfortunately, many women are unaware of it. They do not know, like what is the best bra to support breast beauty.

Here are some of the factors that cause falls and engorgement, besides the things already mentioned.

1. Childbirth and lactation. Increasing breast size with age pregnancy. Breast enlargement makes your mass increases. As a result, the drop was the stronger attraction.

2. Too big and stirred. Similar to the case of nursing mothers. Breast mass affects the gravitational pull. The greater the mass, the greater the force of gravity, especially if the breast is always surprised, especially in athletes.

3. There is no buffer. Familiarize yourself with no bra will make up the slack, especially when relatively large breast size.

4. Habits. Sloping bed can make breast sagging. This can be explained by the theory of gravity. At her side, her breasts did not contain at all, except for the BH. Unlike sleep on their backs, because the breasts are supported by the body.

5. Disease. Diseases such as TB (tuberculosis) or breast cancer can result in a little loose, or fall. This is because the virus and destroy malignant cells of organs.

6. Malnutrition. Although consumption of nutritious food is more useful to stretch the skin, this factor is very important. Diseases like tuberculosis or cancer may arise from lack of nutrition. Foods such as cabbage, soybeans, tempeh, soy milk, and garlic is good for preventing breast cancer.

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7. Abuse. Every inch of our body should be treated lightly, especially breast cancer. Harsh treatment and drain too strong, so define the beauty of the breasts. Also, if you use a bra chest is pressed, squeezed, and others.

8. Bra error. Bra is too small, too tight, or not made with good materials, can cause unhealthy breasts. As a result, the breasts become loose and fall.

Children Eat Hard, Hypnosis Only!

Your baby is difficult to grappling because he did not want to eat, ofttimes wet, difficult to rest or advise on, stuttering, and another problems? That can be overcome with hypnosis therapy.

Sudarno or ofttimes called Ki Arya Lodra, hypnosis practitioners, suggesting that positive suggestions declare like: \"From now brother (call name) hooked all kinds of healthy food ...\" can be given when the female was asleep.

Thus, parents do not need to specifically learn hypnotic or taking a course for hours to provide suggestions to the child. Suggestions are usually given three times. \"Give a clear language, positive sentences, as has happened, and with an emotive touch,\" said Arya.

The language is clear and specific meaning as you wish. For example, parents want children to eat vegetables, meet say so. While the declare is positive is there is dead no articulate \"no\". \"Do not tell me not to forget, but replace the articulate remember,\" said Arya.

If forced to use the articulate \"no\", provide emphasis on the articulate as he said. Other words much as \"do not\" is not recognized by our brain. \"Because it is better to avoid the articulate no,\" said Arya.

The next suasion should also be given as though it was happened. The articulate \"will\" or \"tomorrow\" according to the Aryan should not be used. The articulate tomorrow, when you say yagn aforementioned suggestion, the brain would respond that it is still tomorrow happen. That is, not feat to happen. Rhythm pressures that strengthen the emotive function also needs to be given.

The following steps are appropriate hypnosis to try:
1. When children sleep, rocking the child's head from the mitt and right slowly only. Do not let the female woke.

2. After the female reacts with blinking eyes, stroking his forehead and whispered a suasion that the phrase you want to enter. Sentences arranged in a simple and understandable child. Remember to use positive words.

3. If the female reacts by giving a nod, then a suasion you've entered and the female understood the instructions.

4. If no response, repeat the next day. At least three times in two experiments, one of whom will receive the subconscious mind children.

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Excessive dieting, Health So Victim

What kind of diet you live? Do not eat anything but vegetables and fruits? High-protein diet, or diet with a secret recipe that he would succeed? Know that dieting is finished without consideration is futile. Has failed slender body, can also endanger your health.

Strict diet in generalized have a strategy for selection calories to abstain on a number of foods, especially carbohydrates, fats, and sugar. At first you might lose a few pounds successful coefficient loss, but eventually you'll be so famished that the diet left with a vengeance to enjoy food once considered enemies.

The result is a phenomenon of yo-yo dieting, which you will convey to the original body weight, even more. If you have this, would be tautological all the food taboos that have been running for months.

Research conducted by Kelly Brownell, Ph.D., a linguist and blubber researcher at Yale University, United States, institute that diet can repeatedly cause of heart disease.

In the study of people with known coefficient fluctuates at risk of ending from heart disease 75 percent greater than those whose coefficient is relatively stable. \"Up to lose coefficient here is big enough, not just two or three pounds,\" he said.

Inconsistent diet can also cause high blood pressure and redistribution of fat to the body parts are easily damaged, for example from the buttocks to the abdomen. Experts have warned people with immoderateness abdominal fat is more susceptible to heart disease.

Remember, excessive dieting is useless. That no point is the reduction in coefficient slowly and gradually through lifestyle changes, such as nutrition balanced diet low in calories but still have to take a complete nutrition containing protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Do not forget to ready up with physical exercise.

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What You Feel After Making Love?

After making love, you may feel tired, sleepy, and went to bed. Or, you feel so loved her husband, then chatted patch curled up in his arms. This is a connatural reaction commonly experienced by women in the world. However, there are several other conditions also can be experienced after sexual intercourse. Among these are:

1. Cry
You're not status him or not satisfied with the sex session, but why yes, you feel like crying? According to Isadora Alman, sexologists and relationship expert licensed from Sexologist San Francisco, said that feel like crying after having sexual relations is not caused by marital problems are not something to be questioned. \"This is often a release of tension, much as orgasm,\" he said.

2. Bleeding
There are some women who hit intercourse after spots. This is not fair because the post-bleeding intercourse should exclusive hap because you're menses or tear your hymen first time.

Lissa Rankin, MD, gynecologist and obstetrics, the opinion, if you're not in that information but has spots, then this could be associated with the cells of the opening (the cervix) is not normal, which tend to hit extra blood vessels are fragile and bleed when touched during ML; cervical polyps, sexually transmitted diseases that infect the opening or vagina (such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, or Trichomonas); abnormalities in the uterus, much as fibroids, polyps, or endometrial hyperplasia or cancer; vaginal infections, much as fungal infections which can irritate the vaginal walls and drive bleeding, or trauma to the lining of the blood, the vagina, cervix, or perineum.

3. Want to be alone
You may poverty to curl up in the arms of her husband after sex. But there are people who may just not wait to leave. \"After the sex scene, the woman or her partner might need themselves to calm down,\" says Alman. \"Sometimes she feels has given him too much, and need to be alone to feel full again.\"

4. Headache
Apparently many people who complained of a aching after having sex. \"Doctors utilised to call it with coital cephalgia, exertional headache, or migraine effort,\" says Dr Rankin.

When the term has the same meaning: headaches cod to orgasm, this disease is not dangerous. This happens because the intercourse and orgasm can drive physiological waves, including the rise in blood pressure, which can trigger a headache. However, it could not hurt to consult with your student to make sure that the migraine is happening is not caused by the organs of your body, much as brain tumors or other neurological abnormalities.

5. Temporary amnesia
Medical information called transient global amnesia, which is when the blood line is temporarily restricted from areas of the hippocampus in the brain. The experts believe that this may be cod to the heavy activity, much as sports, or sex that followed orgasm. \"Some women modify fainted when suddenly orgasm, for a while,\" added Alman. These conditions ease hit to watch out to prevent the existence of a mild stroke.

6. Sperm allergy
According to research, as many as 40,000 women in America undergo the seminal ECF hypersensitivity or allergy to the cement, which causes women to feel the itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing. In more severe cases, this can drive death.

It could hit been avoided by using condoms or by following the therapy to turn the sensitivity of the sperm. However, itching and heat in the vagina is not always the result of a sperm allergy, could also be because you hit certain food allergies. According to Alman, what can the couple move consumed in the cement.

7. Hunger
Do not feel embarrassed if you suddenly poverty to eat after a sex session was over. Sometimes, you modify certain food cravings. \"Many people, both women and men, feel hungry after exercise,\" says Alman. \"Sex can also be considered sport, if it took place with great.\"

8. Sore throat
When making love, you must exert all his strength. Breath ventilation makes your mouth parched and sore throat. Just put the recipe drinking water beside the bed so that you are not dehydrated. According to Dr. Rankin.

All you need to suspect, if the pain occurs after you action oral sex for couples. It could be a symptom of sexually transmitted infections. \"Infections much as herpes and gonorrhea can drive throat infections, which drive the pain was,\" he said. Another existence is a virus laryngeal papillomas caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) or flora that is carried on your partner penis.

9. Vaginal Pain
According to Dr. Rankin, pain during sex (even ease after intercourse) may occur cod to dyspareunia. This is cod to a number of conditions, much as: vaginismus (when the vaginal muscles involuntarily contract so as not to allow the penetration), vulvar vestibulitis (inflammation of the vestibular glands on the vaginal opening, which makes you feel like a tingling when exposed), vulvodynia (pain Chronic in the vagina), and the information of endometriosis or other content.

What else can you undergo after having sex. But basically, according to Dr. Rankin, the pain that occurs constantly be wary of. If you undergo this, it is pointed out in pairs and take him to the doctor.

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Watch TV Too Much Can make more Fast Die?

A new study shows, too much television viewing can cut human life. Based on the study published in Circulation Web site, a journal of the American Heart Association (American Heart Association), found that the longer a person watching television, the greater the risk of premature death, especially heart disease.
As quoted by CNN Health, the study lasted for more than six years and to monitor 8800 adult lives in Australia who have no history of heart disease in the last six years.

The results showed that the total number of participants who watched television for four hours or more, by more than 80 percent of likely died of heart disease and more than 46 percent may die from other causes.

Each additional one hour in front of the television increases the risk of dying from heart disease as much as 18 percent and the overall risk of death as much as 11 percent.
This pattern holds even though the level of education and overall health of participants, including age, smoking or not, the level of cholesterol, and blood pressure were taken into account.

According to David Dunstan PhD, chairman and chief laboratory studies of physical activity at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, a national research center in Victoria, Australia, television is not harmful, but a sitting position while watching television.

"Watching television with prolonged sitting too much, which means the absence of muscle movement ... (which) can interfere with your metabolism," said Dunstan.

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The Conservation Herbal Sanitary Wear Women

Trends in the ingest of herbs for health gathering popularity in use. Not exclusive in the form of the drug supplements, herbs are also produced in the form of pads. Use of herbal bandage growing trend among women in Indonesia.

One of the herbal pads heavily marketed through MLM branded Hibis pattern. The aim was pemasarnya niche mothers through social gathering or circumstance on school children.

Call it the claim Mrs Uti interested in using herbal bandage after RT was offered as social gathering. \"The price is affordable and he said the effect is quite beatific for health, it would not perceive me to try first,\" said Mrs. Uti in discussion with detikHealth, Monday (1/11/2010).

As quoted from the site Hibis, this herb mentioned pad manufactured by China company named Han Tide Biomedical Corp.. Since the beginning the company was founded in 1979, the development of traditional medicines of China becomes the focus.

Although since 2003 have started making herbal pads, new in the year 2007 the company oversubscribed cavernous herbal sanitary napkins with the name 'Hibis'. Until today there are 14 countries including Indonesia Hibis market.

Gynecology herbal with bio-energy processing is claimed capable of making as menstrual blood circulation more smoothly. Problems menstrual pain crapper also be reduced with this bandage.

Hibis (an abbreviation of Herb in Beauty is Sparkle) include aloevera (Aloe vera), herbs menthae, houttuynia cordata, lavender, yi mu cau, borneo champor.

With these uncolored ingredients, this herbal pads claimed efficacious turn menstrual pain, cleanse the blood clod and the circulation of blood during menstruation, eliminating menstrual tang, preventing cysts, reducing germs and bacteria whitish, accelerating extravasation during childbirth to prevent cervical cancer.

If the user does not have a serious problem, patch wearing a bandage is exclusive warm. Conversely, if a serious illness much as vaginal discharge or cyst the wearer will feel itching or burning as the touchable effect on these pads work.

In Indonesia, this product has received authorisation from the health department. Selling price is an cipher of Rp 300 thousand per package, but for the retail price of Rp 15,000 to the table of bandage 10.

Responding to widespread ingest of this herb dressing, Dr. Rino BONTI Tri SpOG Hadma Shanti says fine women ingest herbal pads. But constituted until today there has been no scientific studies about the benefits and risks of these herbal pads.

\"Patients I also have a use, there is also itching to say, I would suggest if not stopped first correct because we crapper not prohibit,\" said the doctor who practiced at Sam Marie Healthcare, RS and RS Hermina Jatinegara Mother Jakarta.

According to him, the beginning of herbal bandage could be a response because whatever sanitary napkins are currently using recycled materials which was feat irritation and trigger allergies.

Faculty of Medicine medical graduates reveals UI, ideally come from dressing in cotton because they do not trigger irritation. But admittedly, the purchasing power of low to poor cotton pads to reach. A arrange of cotton pads cipher at Rp 50 thousand to the table of 10 napkins.

Dr. Rino BONTI describes a sanitary safe to say if the wearer does not feel there is irritation or allergy complaints.

It is also important thought is if you're sick blackamoor should replace the pads for 3-4 hours is not too much blood that had accumulated that raises the risk of bacteria.

Source: http://health.detik.com

Souvenaid Drinks to Prevent Disease Parents

Alzheimer's disease (memory loss is drastic) is the most terrifying danger of people over the geezerhood of 50 years. Memory alive for decades gone so fast could not even recognize the people closest.

Various efforts have been made to treat diseases of the brain function of this decline, but there is a powerful still healed. Because of this disease difficult to cure, researchers are now focusing on prevention efforts.

Researchers from the Colony Institute of Technology to create a drink that crapper Souvenaid become a drug for Alzheimer's. The drink contains 3 main components that crapper sustain brain synapses, videlicet uridine, choline, and omega-3 (DHA).

One of the cirri of Alzheimer's disease is the loss of synapses that connect a network or grouping that course between nerve cells or with muscles. Reduced synaptic connections made between the brain's knowledge to remember the poor and the place of language disorders that eventually lead to Alzheimer's disease.

\"Uridine is a molecule used in the encoding DNA molecule, is a B vitamin choline and DHA naturally found in many fish. All threesome nutrients are safe because many found in the human body. The compounding of these threesome types of materials crapper increase the production of fats and proteins needed for formation synapses, \"says Dr. Richard Wurtman, a professor from the Colony Institute of Technology, as reported by CNN, Monday (12/1/2010).

Researchers try to drink 225 temperate Alzheimer's patients and found that the product helps patients in module tests. Souvenaid products planned to be commercialized next year by the manufacturer Nutricia low perudahaan colossus Danone.

Meanwhile, Yian Gu, a neurologist doctorate from Columbia University Medical Center says, Alzheimer's disease attendant to diet.

\"It would be better if this study compared with the use of multivitamins and seek oil consumed a lot of people to meliorate module so that people crapper know which is more effective and not,\" said Gu.

In addition to anti-forgotten memories beverages, researchers also suggested that someone who has Alzheimer's symptoms immediately detect the brain with an tomography scanner to watch the structure of the brain and the module that stores hippopocampus. The level of dispersion of water into brain cells also proved to be a factor affecting the knowledge to recall and brain structures.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association also suggested that someone check his brain with an tomography device when incoming the geezerhood of 50 years to watch whether or not the possibility that Alzheimer's disease crapper be treated early.


2 times a week sex Reduce Heart Attack Risk

Researchers found men who have sex twice a week can lower the risk of heart attack until half time. Sex is right according to the researchers did a lot of health benefits.

That study of 1,000 men showed the health benefits of sex for a man of heart, but not unknown in women.

Men who regularly engage in sex for 2 times a week will reportedly have an increased risk of heart attack is lower by 45 percent.

The researchers in the United States also suggested that men who have heart problems also asked about sexual activity. Each year, approximately 270,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack and coronary disease is still the biggest killer in England.

Although more studies that show good sex to physical and mental health, but very little evidence to show the effect to reduce the risk of heart disease. For that researchers from the New England Research Institute, Massachusetts tried to prove it.

Researchers track sexual activity among men aged 40 years to 70 years to find out is there a relationship between the frequency of routine sex with the risk of heart disease.

All factors such as age, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are diperhitungakn the study published in the American Journal of Cardiology is.

The results indicate, men who had sex at least 2 times a week much less risk of heart disease than men who only have sex once a month or less.

Factors suspected as the protector of the heart organ health is an emotional attachment to the spouse and low stress.

National Cancer Institute in America had done studies that say, men who do ejaculate through sex or masturbation at least five times a week less to get prostate cancer.

Not only that, according to experts from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, having sex during the winter was reported to enhance the body's immune system and reduce the risk of colds and coughs by increasing the levels of immunoglobulin A, or IGA.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Monday (1/11/2010), sex can also increase the sensitivity of her sense of smell because of the hormone prolactin release.

"This is a binding factor suspected to be women with a newborn child," said a researcher from Calgary University in Canada.


10 Ways to Prevent Flu

Influenza properly classified as a disease can be prevented. Many cases of influenza, which should not suffer because of neglect or may not know how to prevent it.

Do not take the flu lightly. Especially for older people, flu is usually more severe than if you happen to younger people. In addition, because their immune systems were introduced in an era of aging populations have increasingly reduced the type of influenza virus, which enters the body is not necessarily the same.

We know that families are three main types of influenza (types A, B and C). Each type has so many members of his own family. H5N1 virus of bird flu, for example, belong to large families of influenza virus type A. Sekerabat we know this H3N2 strain of the virus also (Shangdong and Beijing), H1N1 (Texas and Singapore) and many others, in addition to Panama and Type B Yamagata.

Temperament family members of each type of influenza virus is also not the same degree keganasannya. There are benign, some of them are very malignant. Common flu attacked people of Europe, for example, unlike in Indonesia, is classified as a kind of vicious flu virus, and often very deadly. Flu outbreak early twentieth century in Spain, absorbing hundreds of thousands of victims.

Since not all viruses, including influenza virus, there are medicines antinya, the main factor in preventing the flu virus still has only two ways, namely by increasing the immune system and reduce the risk of virus entered the body.

Here are some tips on how to have a flu, which threatens the rainy season is not until your order. What should I do?

1. Ask the influenza vaccine. For older people are encouraged to flu vaccine shot during the upcoming flu season. However, not all viruses can be resisted for influenza vaccine.

From time to time, an improved flu vaccine, which contains the type of vaccines to the type of flu virus that causes infection. However, in addition to various types of virus is not a rare phenomenon of viral escape from penangkalan efforts so that different species and strains of influenza virus is. Not to mention the possibility of the virus changing nature (mutation), so that vaccine can be a powerful menangkalnya.

2. Stay away from cold exposure. Western people call the flu, such as catching a cold or cold exposure. In fact, the long and often the body is fully exposed to the cold (air, water bath, room refrigerator, cold drinks, wind), the weaker the body's resistance, and increasingly vulnerable to easily Virus (any).

We know the virus germs can be countered by relying on endurance. If the resistance decreases, the body of the defense will be breached, and flu or other viral diseases potentially be infected. Only when the body's defenses strong course, that the virus entered the body will be eliminated and people falling off the flu.

This is because the body just gets by influenza virus alone, such as antibiotics, the most powerful ones have become redundant because the virus can be inhibited by type of antibiotic and every generation. Furthermore sense to spend money on unnecessary body is burdened by undesirable effects antibiotikanya.

True influenza cases need not be given antibiotics. In Indonesia, influenza is generally mild disease. People are still doing everyday activities at work, school and other outdoor activities.

Flu is a disease that is inhabited only by the virus alone, because the body is under attack is weakened by viruses, other germs can easily enter mendompleng part of the body, the emergence of new diseases. Thus, influenza in Indonesia are often prolonged and may even complicated.

Not flu rarely develop in other ENT infections (infection of the throat, esophagus, nose or congekan), except the possibility pendompleng infected with germs that enter the lungs, and (bronchopneumonia, pneumonia).

That is why those of the flu should stay home. In addition to the potential harm in the cold weather outside the home will spread the virus in the air around the patient, especially if you're in the room (which is not designed well-ventilated enclosed) in the refrigerator.

3. Strengthening the body. With rest and food menu during the rainy season, reinforced structure reliability. In addition to warm the body from the (hot drink, hot bath, sharp ointment), select the menu is highly nutritious, particularly high berpotein (eggs, milk, meat) is not enough vegetable menu (plant units).

Westerners used to serve chicken soup for the body warm in cold exposure. Avoid rain shower, a gust of wind, is open. Create drinks can choose body warmers (wedang ginger, bandrek, bajigur, or sekoteng), especially after rain shower body, cold swimming, beach tourism.

4. Will avoid crowded place. In the rainy season, and many people are ill with influenza should not travel to crowded places, if not completely necessary. If you can wait, should not visit the traditional shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, cinemas, terminals, stations, clinics, waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, party rooms. In places where people gathered, influenza viruses, including other types of viruses spread in the air, flying, nose and the air we breathe.

5. Reducing smoking and alcohol. Both of these substances have the potential to reduce the body's resistance. Smoking "Hurt" respiratory mucosa, which makes it more susceptible to respiratory viruses enter. Smoking room, breathing weaken those who inhaled it, too (passive smoker).

6. Thoroughly wash hands with soap. Our hands and fingers may be the source of the virus, which transfer to the environment where we do activities such as offices, schools and toilets in public places. Studies that have been made during the SARS outbreak first.

Our hands will affect the door bathroom with a handle, car door, elevator button, the receiver, sheets or pieces of money, the surface of a table, chairs, and all who touched many people. From there the virus which is contaminating everything touched (by a person with flu) can move into our fingers.

Flu patients should know better than to randomly sneezing and coughing a lot in RUNGAN person other than duly diligent hand washing, and (because the hole would have held his nose and foot).

Another person close to flu patients, talking, and risk of virus contamination, should wash their hands frequently and not just keep the nose (nose, cleaning the nostrils), or mouth. Get used to using a towel or cloth to clean the nose or mouth. During the second hole of influenza viruses, which enter into the body, including avian flu (avian influenza).

7. Each nostril cleansing journey home. Yes, for travel outside the home, especially during the outbreak of the flu season, almost nobody has polluted air of influenza virus, especially in the current environment of flu patients. Almost certainly the air we breathe outside of the home, her influenza virus. Included in the house when someone was sick flu.

Anyway, much better if cleaned immediately with soap nostril, every time she came to travel, as he repeatedly breathe air from amain blew his nose during cleaning. Thus, at least pack a virus that may have already jumped from mengendon nostril before nesting and breeding.

8th. Rinse your mouth, not lack of sleep. Influenza virus enters the body through the nostrils and mouth. In addition to the channel should be kept clean nose, the mouth will need a solid defense. This is good for more frequent gargling.

Furthermore, they can choose seduhan betel leaf (there antisepsisnya power) can be freely used mouthwash purchased in pharmacies. In this way we aim to get rid of germs that may have begun to settle in the mouth, including when the incoming influenza virus.

In addition to gargling, toothbrush, especially before going to bed tonight. Dirty mouth also weaken the credibility. Especially for those who are no longer on the tonsils (glands tonsilnya already appointed), which had no guard troops from the threat of oral microbes. Including these teeth are decayed, infected, rotting teeth and roots. They are more vulnerable infected oral cavity.

9. Do it like breathing. Yes, body resistance also needs more oxygen and more complete. If breathing effort, ie by sigh (open) how deeply we can hold and how long it will be more lights per tonne. The lungs are fit, the faster blood flow and increase the local immune system will be more empowered to be able to get rid of germs.

To improve results, if breathing, accompanied by appropriate exercises such as walking and exercises. Natural factors, stress, in addition to mental stress also increases a person's body vulnerable to influenza virus. Excessive fatigue (due to work or exercise) is not recommended during flu season.

10. Enough sleep and not stay. The challenge now is that people are often tempted by so much as bait watching TV, entertainment and activities outside the home together in the time interval.

One of the many threats that diseases happen to people today often do not have time to rest. Tired already busy in the daytime, the night is often less sleep. Rather than nap time (as the first), good evening, all too often inadequate.

Conditions less emptiness, lack of sleep, and sleep soundly (not because of stress, too tired), which increase the body vulnerable to virus attacks as a whole, particularly influenza virus.

When the body begins to feel pain, headaches, burning eyes, sneezing and coughing started small, the possibility of early symptoms of influenza. That's when the flu each brand drugs immediately and to sleep after eating soup or hot drink. Simple way to come off the flu.

However, the drug store did not put the termination of the powers of the flu when the trip is already heavy. Useless continue to take medication only when influenza flu was more than a week, symptoms and weight gain. Mucus, which was originally a clear viscous liquid has changed color, that means the flu is used by other microbes. That's when the drug is accompanied by flu need an antibiotic.

In an age of entertainment more and more middle of the night, try not to always follow your heart, regardless of the heart from the heart. They are chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, cancer) is certainly a "weak" compared with normal people. (Dr. Handrawan Nadesul)

Source: Kompas.com

Watch out, Calves Foot Varicose veins exposed!

Does your calf is often painful to walk? Is there a winding ridge of blue skin on the top layer of the calf? When this happens, you may suffer from varicose veins, varicose veins alias.

Varicose veins are dilated veins visible blue and settlement and located near the surface of the skin. Although it is very common to feel the presence of varicose veins, of course, never expected. Besides the reduction of the beauty of the legs, but can also cause discomfort.

Prominent blood vessels can throb and make your legs feel heavy. Legs and feet may be affected also look swollen. When you have severe varicose veins can cause itching, or even ulcers. In fact, these disorders can be found in almost every part of the body, but the most common in the leg and inner calf.

Some of the causes and risk factors of varicose veins such as obesity, pregnancy, hormonal changes of menopause, family history of varicose veins, history of venous disease, such as thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation), and any activity or hobby to force someone to be in a long time.

- Enlargement and deformation veins clearly visible
- Nyeri / cramps and felt numb at the feet, especially when standing
- Swelling of the feet and heels
- The skin around the varicose veins darkening.

- Increased pressure on the veins in the lower body due to pregnancy, childbirth or lifting heavy objects frequently.
- Disorder since birth of venous valves, thus not to prevent backflow of blood.

- Eczema (skin rash), which is very itchy.
- Bleeding from injury and broken veins.
- Ulceration (formation of the wound).

What you can do
- Often, a break with his feet elevated.
- If you are standing / sitting too long, move your feet as much as possible.
- The use of support hose.
- Check with your doctor if there are complications.

Doctor Action
- Provides itch relief cream recipes.
- Manage the complications, if any.
- Injectable liquids Sclerose reduce varicose veins.

Avoid sitting / standing for long. Being able to take a long position, move your fingers.

Source: Kompas.com

In order to No molester, sex should be creative

Since there are people excited because the research was mentioned that 2 of 3 men in Jakarta is an affair. Well, now realtif numbers continue to rise.

Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, Sp.OG., Mars, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, a seminar, I always mention that 4 of 5 men for adultery!

Data pairs Clinic Dr. Boyke, revealed that about 42 percent of fraud spouses when their wives at the age of 40 years. Not only that. A study in Bandung, West Java, conducted by a psychologist to mention that 2 out of 5 women workers also communicate.

The case seems to have become a common phenomenon. Affair, in fact, is one of the sex behavior often creates problems. The emergence of an unwanted pregnancy (KTD) for example. These problems increase the number of abortions go.

As an illustration,

Other places, such as chairs, especially chairs, sleeveless, table, standing in front of the mirror can be a place, the choice to give special impression on sex

approximately 2.3 million abortions performed each year. Not to mention maternal mortality due to abortion is high enough. "There is higher in Bangladesh," commented Dr. Boyke.

In addition to the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, sexual behavior is not free, is responsible for various infections contribute to the disease. One of them is infected with HIV / AIDS. If you have, since then, HIV / AIDS can infect the real couple.

Reason molester
In the affair is a sexual relationship outside of marriage is valid. The condition can occur in the short term and long enough with a level of emotional involvement or high-low.

As mentioned by Dr. Boyke, there are several reasons for people having an affair, among them:

- The inability to form a joint commitment to the spouse. Weak commitment, he did not realize the meaning and purpose of marriage is also to encourage someone to make a connection.
- Faith is weak, and a great sense of self-interest of each partner.
- Anger is hidden from the husband, wife, life dissatisfaction, unmet emotional needs because of the couples often leads to infidelity in marriage.
- Personal problems in marriage.
- Flavor want to know what sex with other people. In addition, if you have sex with a partner experienced Burnout.

When this happens, the emergence of various problems may continue to take place. So he said that each partner is aware of the symptoms. Before the marriage foundered, it is better each spouse to be adjusted independently to find and evaluate the errors that have occurred.

In the Bathroom
If this occurs, associated with sex life, so there is nothing wrong to bring communication with a partner. Creating a healthy communication to express the problems facing sex with your partner.

If the problem is due to the problem of sexual relationships, it would require some creativity in support of these issues. Site selection for example. If the atmosphere of boredom made bed while having sex, go to similar places.

In fact, during that time to have sex in the bed to be very choice of a husband and wife. In addition to a comfortable position, the bed will give a sense of rilek and romantic.

And the option is not confined to bed. "Another place, such as chairs, especially chairs, sleeveless, table, standing in front of the mirror can be a place, the choice to give special impression on sex," continued Dr. Boyke.

The bathroom is also able to support the sexual activity. Here, couples can shower, do the spa or sauna together. According to Drs. Boyke this very supportive and afterplay foreplay activities. It's just some things to consider when having sex in the bathroom. With careful slippery bathroom floor.

By doing some works in sexual intercourse, the possibility of cheating can be overcome. Not only that the negative effects of the affair, the occurrence of stress, other venereal diseases, HIV infection / AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, infertility and cervical cancer can be avoided.

Overall, the affair is often life-threatening career and marriage. Risk of the most difficult in the case of divorce, can lead to various problems. Ranging from financial, emotional burden on children, problems with other family members a sense of shame, to feel sad.
Keep in mind the difficulties to start a new life with a new partner, which may be greater than anything previously imagined.

Experts agree that a happy marriage will make a few can cooperate with each other and to lighten the burden. Will you and your partner build a happy marriage? @ DIY (Tabloid Gaya Hidup Sehat)

source: kompas.com

Attention demand high doses of vitamin E

Beware of using high doses of vitamin E! Rather than bring benefits, consumption of vitamin E may be harmful to your body.

Yes. The use of high doses of vitamin E in municipal waste should be avoided because, according to a new study, alcohol consumption of high doses of vitamin E, rather than bring benefits, but may reduce the quality of life.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAV) that conclusion after reviewing data from more than 300,000 people in AmeriK-States, Europe and Israel. Their findings are published in the latest edition of the Journal of the leading cardiology, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology.

Using a different approach to previous studies, the research team to integrate their views draw conclusions about the use of vitamin E.

Survey results from recent surveys that mengungkapk those who did not consume vitamin E actually enjoy the quality of life (quality adjusted life years / QALY) better. QALY is a measurement of the parameters used in conventional medicine to assess the impact of medical intervention.

"Our new study shows some people may be affected by these drugs, while others may benefit. We are trying to determine which groups are most likely to benefit from vitamin E," said one researcher, Dr. ILY Pinchuk.

"Our finding is that the average QALY memeroleh intake of vitamin E less than 0,30 of those who use it. This, of course, does not mean any person who consumed vitamin E are shortening their life span almost 4 months . but the average high average life expectancy of people who consume less vitamin. This is something significant, "he said.

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Anti Cellulite Diet that You have to Know

Cellulite is a condition that can definitely do without. Unfortunately, as long as we're seen in public, it is more likely to be concerned about cellulite in the body. Although cellulite is not really a medical cause for alarm, it does emotionally scar of many people. It is considered shameful, uncomfortable and even social stigma. Many names have replaced the term "cellulite" as "orange peel" and "cottage cheese." These names are less agreeable to describe the appearance of the skin. Fortunately, we have more methods that target cellulite than ever before. Many look to natural methods, mainly because they are less invasive (compared to surgery), in general, safe, affordable and equally effective as other methods above. When talking about cellulite, one of the first recommendations is almost always stay in shape! This is because it is well established that diet and exercise are some of the best and natural methods to get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite Diet - diet is definitely a dreaded word, but it has to be. Does not necessarily mean starvation. Healthy diet could mean making the right choices in food and the meals you eat during the day. What you put in your body are often manifested in outward appearance. Although it has been said that the genes influencing cellulite, diet may play a greater role in triggering the development of cellulite. So do not just blame the genes and instead start taking action. Remember, cellulite truth is that not only appear out of nowhere, and can happen to anyone, regardless of age, weight, and gender construction.

Food Factor - So how exactly is it that a poor diet affect the appearance of their skin? There are many ways diet can fire back at you. The sad truth is, our skin is in worse shape than ever before. Back in the day, people had meals at home more often, there was not much pollution, no tension was high and there was no such thing as processed foods. Today, we are eating more processed foods, fast foods (fast food), and more meals with more additives and zero nutritional content. If you look around, there are more teenagers suffering from acne, and watch even today many adults still have skin problems that are supposed to be "reserved for puberty.

Food - The fact is that the nutritional needs of the skin, after all, the skin is a part of our body as the heart and lungs are part of our body. If you are dieting to lose weight or gain muscle, there are still some diets out there that affect your body, your skin and therefore negatively. For example, the popular low-carb diets can help people lose weight, but the skin it is sacrificed because these diets rob the body of antioxidants. Antioxidants help combat free radicals that cause premature aging and other skin problems like cellulite.

The fiber and cellulite - Research has shown that there is indeed a relationship between fiber and prevention of cellulite. Fiber is already well known to help us maintain a healthy weight, because of its natural cleansing action in our system. To get more fiber in your diet, eat more fruits, vegetables and grains.

Detox - going through a detox plan is also a great way to reduce cellulite. A detoxification plan could help revive its long-term plan for nutrition, your body will be able to adjust better to their new eating habits. In general, detoxification diets allow large amounts of water, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and herbal teas. There are detox diets may require a plan that all the liquid in which you can only drink water and fruit juices for a healthy amount of time. The primary objective of detoxification is to eliminate toxins that can encourage your body to store more fat and cause unwanted conditions, such as cellulitis.

Healthy Eating - Finally, eating more nutritious foods. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended because they are full of antioxidants. As mentioned earlier, antioxidants combat free radicals that are responsible for premature aging and many skin problems. The fruits are delicious by its natural sweetness and variety available around-it just takes some re-programming and adjust. Ways addition, many vegetables to enjoy! You can steam broccoli in a savory sauce of lemon or create many types of green salads with different types of low-fat dressings.

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Overcome Music Therapy Disorders Ear buzzing

Ringing in the ear or ears called tinnitus is a condition in which patients feel heard buzzing noises or ringing in the ears and head. Patients usually feel that the voice came from abroad, but the sound is in the ear.
Complaints tinnitus can happen in one ear or both. This condition may make the patient's hearing less, or even losses. The evaluation of one to three percent of the population has this condition.

Experts from Germany recently introduced music therapy, which is claimed to reduce noise sufferers caught the ear, ringing in the ears. By using melodies that are specially designed to match frequencies of sound in the ear, tinnitus patients were asked to listen to that tune.

After a year of this therapy, the participants admitted or buzzing noise, which they have little gganggu weakened. As stated in the report of the magazine Bulletin of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers said, although so far the experts still do not know what caused the tinnitus, but it is known that there are parts of the brain to process sound damaged.

Music therapy is the noise spectrum is often heard people with tinnitus can be reduced so that brain activity in different parts of the audio capture is also reduced. In addition to fun, music therapy is also low enough level of effectiveness.

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7 Secrets for Healthy Hair

Here are some tips from the old tradition of Ayurveda 5000 years of beauty and health of hair:

1. Start with a set meal. Choose foods containing green vegetables and fresh fruit. Yogurt and milk products are also good for hair. So it is with coconut.

2. Avoid processed or canned foods. Ayurveda says that foods with artificial preservatives and chemical additives which will provide nutritional benefits to the body and the body. Cold drinks are also interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients.

3. Spices like black pepper on the health benefits of hair. Add this seasoning to soup or other dishes.

4. Avoid stress because it can have serious consequences in the long run and affect the hair color. Try to set the time and work to reduce pressure. Make holiday / meditation.

5. Stay away from heavy chemicals that can damage the hair. Find a shampoo and conditioner natural and gentle, especially if you wash your hair three times a week.

6. Scalp massage with coconut oil or olive oil to stimulate the scalp and provide moisture.

7. Do not comb hair brush hair when wet.

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