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Detection of Health through Aura Photos

That "wow..., the mystical aura, ?" Maybe you've heard this talk from the mouths of your friends. You say so because they feel a certain impression of the figure of a person.

Aura, a sort of energy field actually in a person. The aura is formed by radiation subtle colors, which surrounds the human body. Each color signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.

You need to see your own aura to help gain insight into the mental and emotional depths. Well, the picture aura is practical and easy to learn quickly and accurately on the physical and personality.

The method used by the technology to read auras auraphotography called Biofeedback. The reading of the biological signs of a person is a primary method of analysis of the aura. The camera with handheld sensors that can connect to specific organs of the body, while measuring your body's electromagnetic field, and then sends information about the quality of your energy and aura. You can only put five fingers on the metal plate that the sensors of the hand, and immediately see the results on the computer screen.
What you get in the photograph the aura?

Through this technique, you can find the seven chakras in the human body. These seven chakras each have their own color. Each chakra represents part of our body. From the head, throat, heart, liver, stomach and genitals. Each represented with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white (from the genitals to the head). Each disc of this magnitude must be balanced.

Otherwise''there should be balanced. Usually indicate a disease or physical disorder,''said Tom Suhalim, experts Auraprimatama Aura, Women Compass found at surgery in the 1st floor of the ITC Permata Hijau. He noted, for example, in the heart.

Color disc in a healthy heart is green. But many women are often at the heart of red. Why? In photography, women still have the pain of the past that can not be forgotten.

Perhaps''realized the wound, but sometimes do not realize (buried in the subconscious),''he added Suhalim.

Besides being hurt in the past, the red color also indicates the poor health of the heart or chest area. After doing aura photos, and get a red result, you are prompted to continue consultations with the doctor.

''Not infrequently, also, the red color indicates that the woman who photographed on the rebound, or just taken,''he said.

For the red disc on the genitals, if the form is not in harmony with the other chakras in the body is a sign of disturbance in the ovary. For example, a tumor disease or endometriosis.

Besides knowing chakra, through your aura photo can also discover the personality, or your stress level. This can be seen from 12 kinds of colors of the human aura, which is different from one another. The 12 colors represent our personal character. For example, red indicates that we are hard working. Orange indicates a positive and productive. Green indicates a loving person and liked to communicate, while purple is the color of someone who is intuitive and atristik.

Well, including you?

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