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Overcome Music Therapy Disorders Ear buzzing

Ringing in the ear or ears called tinnitus is a condition in which patients feel heard buzzing noises or ringing in the ears and head. Patients usually feel that the voice came from abroad, but the sound is in the ear.
Complaints tinnitus can happen in one ear or both. This condition may make the patient's hearing less, or even losses. The evaluation of one to three percent of the population has this condition.

Experts from Germany recently introduced music therapy, which is claimed to reduce noise sufferers caught the ear, ringing in the ears. By using melodies that are specially designed to match frequencies of sound in the ear, tinnitus patients were asked to listen to that tune.

After a year of this therapy, the participants admitted or buzzing noise, which they have little gganggu weakened. As stated in the report of the magazine Bulletin of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers said, although so far the experts still do not know what caused the tinnitus, but it is known that there are parts of the brain to process sound damaged.

Music therapy is the noise spectrum is often heard people with tinnitus can be reduced so that brain activity in different parts of the audio capture is also reduced. In addition to fun, music therapy is also low enough level of effectiveness.

Source: Kompas.com

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