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The Conservation Herbal Sanitary Wear Women

Trends in the ingest of herbs for health gathering popularity in use. Not exclusive in the form of the drug supplements, herbs are also produced in the form of pads. Use of herbal bandage growing trend among women in Indonesia.

One of the herbal pads heavily marketed through MLM branded Hibis pattern. The aim was pemasarnya niche mothers through social gathering or circumstance on school children.

Call it the claim Mrs Uti interested in using herbal bandage after RT was offered as social gathering. \"The price is affordable and he said the effect is quite beatific for health, it would not perceive me to try first,\" said Mrs. Uti in discussion with detikHealth, Monday (1/11/2010).

As quoted from the site Hibis, this herb mentioned pad manufactured by China company named Han Tide Biomedical Corp.. Since the beginning the company was founded in 1979, the development of traditional medicines of China becomes the focus.

Although since 2003 have started making herbal pads, new in the year 2007 the company oversubscribed cavernous herbal sanitary napkins with the name 'Hibis'. Until today there are 14 countries including Indonesia Hibis market.

Gynecology herbal with bio-energy processing is claimed capable of making as menstrual blood circulation more smoothly. Problems menstrual pain crapper also be reduced with this bandage.

Hibis (an abbreviation of Herb in Beauty is Sparkle) include aloevera (Aloe vera), herbs menthae, houttuynia cordata, lavender, yi mu cau, borneo champor.

With these uncolored ingredients, this herbal pads claimed efficacious turn menstrual pain, cleanse the blood clod and the circulation of blood during menstruation, eliminating menstrual tang, preventing cysts, reducing germs and bacteria whitish, accelerating extravasation during childbirth to prevent cervical cancer.

If the user does not have a serious problem, patch wearing a bandage is exclusive warm. Conversely, if a serious illness much as vaginal discharge or cyst the wearer will feel itching or burning as the touchable effect on these pads work.

In Indonesia, this product has received authorisation from the health department. Selling price is an cipher of Rp 300 thousand per package, but for the retail price of Rp 15,000 to the table of bandage 10.

Responding to widespread ingest of this herb dressing, Dr. Rino BONTI Tri SpOG Hadma Shanti says fine women ingest herbal pads. But constituted until today there has been no scientific studies about the benefits and risks of these herbal pads.

\"Patients I also have a use, there is also itching to say, I would suggest if not stopped first correct because we crapper not prohibit,\" said the doctor who practiced at Sam Marie Healthcare, RS and RS Hermina Jatinegara Mother Jakarta.

According to him, the beginning of herbal bandage could be a response because whatever sanitary napkins are currently using recycled materials which was feat irritation and trigger allergies.

Faculty of Medicine medical graduates reveals UI, ideally come from dressing in cotton because they do not trigger irritation. But admittedly, the purchasing power of low to poor cotton pads to reach. A arrange of cotton pads cipher at Rp 50 thousand to the table of 10 napkins.

Dr. Rino BONTI describes a sanitary safe to say if the wearer does not feel there is irritation or allergy complaints.

It is also important thought is if you're sick blackamoor should replace the pads for 3-4 hours is not too much blood that had accumulated that raises the risk of bacteria.

Source: http://health.detik.com

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