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Attention demand high doses of vitamin E

Beware of using high doses of vitamin E! Rather than bring benefits, consumption of vitamin E may be harmful to your body.

Yes. The use of high doses of vitamin E in municipal waste should be avoided because, according to a new study, alcohol consumption of high doses of vitamin E, rather than bring benefits, but may reduce the quality of life.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAV) that conclusion after reviewing data from more than 300,000 people in AmeriK-States, Europe and Israel. Their findings are published in the latest edition of the Journal of the leading cardiology, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology.

Using a different approach to previous studies, the research team to integrate their views draw conclusions about the use of vitamin E.

Survey results from recent surveys that mengungkapk those who did not consume vitamin E actually enjoy the quality of life (quality adjusted life years / QALY) better. QALY is a measurement of the parameters used in conventional medicine to assess the impact of medical intervention.

"Our new study shows some people may be affected by these drugs, while others may benefit. We are trying to determine which groups are most likely to benefit from vitamin E," said one researcher, Dr. ILY Pinchuk.

"Our finding is that the average QALY memeroleh intake of vitamin E less than 0,30 of those who use it. This, of course, does not mean any person who consumed vitamin E are shortening their life span almost 4 months . but the average high average life expectancy of people who consume less vitamin. This is something significant, "he said.

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