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10 Ways to Prevent Flu

Influenza properly classified as a disease can be prevented. Many cases of influenza, which should not suffer because of neglect or may not know how to prevent it.

Do not take the flu lightly. Especially for older people, flu is usually more severe than if you happen to younger people. In addition, because their immune systems were introduced in an era of aging populations have increasingly reduced the type of influenza virus, which enters the body is not necessarily the same.

We know that families are three main types of influenza (types A, B and C). Each type has so many members of his own family. H5N1 virus of bird flu, for example, belong to large families of influenza virus type A. Sekerabat we know this H3N2 strain of the virus also (Shangdong and Beijing), H1N1 (Texas and Singapore) and many others, in addition to Panama and Type B Yamagata.

Temperament family members of each type of influenza virus is also not the same degree keganasannya. There are benign, some of them are very malignant. Common flu attacked people of Europe, for example, unlike in Indonesia, is classified as a kind of vicious flu virus, and often very deadly. Flu outbreak early twentieth century in Spain, absorbing hundreds of thousands of victims.

Since not all viruses, including influenza virus, there are medicines antinya, the main factor in preventing the flu virus still has only two ways, namely by increasing the immune system and reduce the risk of virus entered the body.

Here are some tips on how to have a flu, which threatens the rainy season is not until your order. What should I do?

1. Ask the influenza vaccine. For older people are encouraged to flu vaccine shot during the upcoming flu season. However, not all viruses can be resisted for influenza vaccine.

From time to time, an improved flu vaccine, which contains the type of vaccines to the type of flu virus that causes infection. However, in addition to various types of virus is not a rare phenomenon of viral escape from penangkalan efforts so that different species and strains of influenza virus is. Not to mention the possibility of the virus changing nature (mutation), so that vaccine can be a powerful menangkalnya.

2. Stay away from cold exposure. Western people call the flu, such as catching a cold or cold exposure. In fact, the long and often the body is fully exposed to the cold (air, water bath, room refrigerator, cold drinks, wind), the weaker the body's resistance, and increasingly vulnerable to easily Virus (any).

We know the virus germs can be countered by relying on endurance. If the resistance decreases, the body of the defense will be breached, and flu or other viral diseases potentially be infected. Only when the body's defenses strong course, that the virus entered the body will be eliminated and people falling off the flu.

This is because the body just gets by influenza virus alone, such as antibiotics, the most powerful ones have become redundant because the virus can be inhibited by type of antibiotic and every generation. Furthermore sense to spend money on unnecessary body is burdened by undesirable effects antibiotikanya.

True influenza cases need not be given antibiotics. In Indonesia, influenza is generally mild disease. People are still doing everyday activities at work, school and other outdoor activities.

Flu is a disease that is inhabited only by the virus alone, because the body is under attack is weakened by viruses, other germs can easily enter mendompleng part of the body, the emergence of new diseases. Thus, influenza in Indonesia are often prolonged and may even complicated.

Not flu rarely develop in other ENT infections (infection of the throat, esophagus, nose or congekan), except the possibility pendompleng infected with germs that enter the lungs, and (bronchopneumonia, pneumonia).

That is why those of the flu should stay home. In addition to the potential harm in the cold weather outside the home will spread the virus in the air around the patient, especially if you're in the room (which is not designed well-ventilated enclosed) in the refrigerator.

3. Strengthening the body. With rest and food menu during the rainy season, reinforced structure reliability. In addition to warm the body from the (hot drink, hot bath, sharp ointment), select the menu is highly nutritious, particularly high berpotein (eggs, milk, meat) is not enough vegetable menu (plant units).

Westerners used to serve chicken soup for the body warm in cold exposure. Avoid rain shower, a gust of wind, is open. Create drinks can choose body warmers (wedang ginger, bandrek, bajigur, or sekoteng), especially after rain shower body, cold swimming, beach tourism.

4. Will avoid crowded place. In the rainy season, and many people are ill with influenza should not travel to crowded places, if not completely necessary. If you can wait, should not visit the traditional shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, cinemas, terminals, stations, clinics, waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, party rooms. In places where people gathered, influenza viruses, including other types of viruses spread in the air, flying, nose and the air we breathe.

5. Reducing smoking and alcohol. Both of these substances have the potential to reduce the body's resistance. Smoking "Hurt" respiratory mucosa, which makes it more susceptible to respiratory viruses enter. Smoking room, breathing weaken those who inhaled it, too (passive smoker).

6. Thoroughly wash hands with soap. Our hands and fingers may be the source of the virus, which transfer to the environment where we do activities such as offices, schools and toilets in public places. Studies that have been made during the SARS outbreak first.

Our hands will affect the door bathroom with a handle, car door, elevator button, the receiver, sheets or pieces of money, the surface of a table, chairs, and all who touched many people. From there the virus which is contaminating everything touched (by a person with flu) can move into our fingers.

Flu patients should know better than to randomly sneezing and coughing a lot in RUNGAN person other than duly diligent hand washing, and (because the hole would have held his nose and foot).

Another person close to flu patients, talking, and risk of virus contamination, should wash their hands frequently and not just keep the nose (nose, cleaning the nostrils), or mouth. Get used to using a towel or cloth to clean the nose or mouth. During the second hole of influenza viruses, which enter into the body, including avian flu (avian influenza).

7. Each nostril cleansing journey home. Yes, for travel outside the home, especially during the outbreak of the flu season, almost nobody has polluted air of influenza virus, especially in the current environment of flu patients. Almost certainly the air we breathe outside of the home, her influenza virus. Included in the house when someone was sick flu.

Anyway, much better if cleaned immediately with soap nostril, every time she came to travel, as he repeatedly breathe air from amain blew his nose during cleaning. Thus, at least pack a virus that may have already jumped from mengendon nostril before nesting and breeding.

8th. Rinse your mouth, not lack of sleep. Influenza virus enters the body through the nostrils and mouth. In addition to the channel should be kept clean nose, the mouth will need a solid defense. This is good for more frequent gargling.

Furthermore, they can choose seduhan betel leaf (there antisepsisnya power) can be freely used mouthwash purchased in pharmacies. In this way we aim to get rid of germs that may have begun to settle in the mouth, including when the incoming influenza virus.

In addition to gargling, toothbrush, especially before going to bed tonight. Dirty mouth also weaken the credibility. Especially for those who are no longer on the tonsils (glands tonsilnya already appointed), which had no guard troops from the threat of oral microbes. Including these teeth are decayed, infected, rotting teeth and roots. They are more vulnerable infected oral cavity.

9. Do it like breathing. Yes, body resistance also needs more oxygen and more complete. If breathing effort, ie by sigh (open) how deeply we can hold and how long it will be more lights per tonne. The lungs are fit, the faster blood flow and increase the local immune system will be more empowered to be able to get rid of germs.

To improve results, if breathing, accompanied by appropriate exercises such as walking and exercises. Natural factors, stress, in addition to mental stress also increases a person's body vulnerable to influenza virus. Excessive fatigue (due to work or exercise) is not recommended during flu season.

10. Enough sleep and not stay. The challenge now is that people are often tempted by so much as bait watching TV, entertainment and activities outside the home together in the time interval.

One of the many threats that diseases happen to people today often do not have time to rest. Tired already busy in the daytime, the night is often less sleep. Rather than nap time (as the first), good evening, all too often inadequate.

Conditions less emptiness, lack of sleep, and sleep soundly (not because of stress, too tired), which increase the body vulnerable to virus attacks as a whole, particularly influenza virus.

When the body begins to feel pain, headaches, burning eyes, sneezing and coughing started small, the possibility of early symptoms of influenza. That's when the flu each brand drugs immediately and to sleep after eating soup or hot drink. Simple way to come off the flu.

However, the drug store did not put the termination of the powers of the flu when the trip is already heavy. Useless continue to take medication only when influenza flu was more than a week, symptoms and weight gain. Mucus, which was originally a clear viscous liquid has changed color, that means the flu is used by other microbes. That's when the drug is accompanied by flu need an antibiotic.

In an age of entertainment more and more middle of the night, try not to always follow your heart, regardless of the heart from the heart. They are chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, cancer) is certainly a "weak" compared with normal people. (Dr. Handrawan Nadesul)

Source: Kompas.com

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