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Water for drinking Easy No Stress

Did you know that water and stress are closely related. All parts of the human body always needs water in all its activities. When the water content in each of shortage of organs, their functions will be reduced. In addition to the more easily exposed to bacteria and viruses, are also vulnerable to stress.

The literature shows the lack of body fluids pint of water only needs each day (2 liters) can increase levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. The role of cortisol is the release of glucose into the bloodstream for energy.

Hormone cortisol with stress hormones that can interfere with some bodily functions. If only happens once in a while, not have to worry. However, if they are often dehydrated, of course, immune function can receive the effects.

But that does not mean the glasses of water to magically remove the pressures of life, ranging from money to the relationship with partners. But if all this stress has become a "food" every day, at least not you additional stress of dehydration factor.

"If we realize it or not, we become dehydrated easily when under pressure or stress. This is due to a rapid heartbeat and his breathing became heavy, so you lose fluid," said Renee Melton, MS, RD, Director Sensei Nutrition, weight decreased.

Furthermore, when the body and the mind is dealing with something stressful, usually not going to remember to drink enough water. In fact, the water helps our concentration.

"Stress can cause symptoms similar to when you are dehydrated, which increases heart rate, nausea, fatigue and headaches," said Trent Nessler, Director of Baptist Sports Medicine, USA. If most dehydration, can cause a decrease in the awareness of brain damage because the brain is the organ most sensitive to water shortages.

Water has an important role in the body, ie as solvents, catalysts, lubricants, regulation of body temperature, and the supplier of minerals and electrolytes in the body. Thirst is an indication that the body is experiencing mild dehydration.

With regular consumption, dehydration can be prevented so that the health of the body will be better. Thus, get physical and mental capacity, the better.

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