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Running Barefoot is Better

The results of the latest study say, running barefoot is more beneficial for the body because the feet on the ground directly. Moreover, the risk of barefoot runners bottom of the anatomic lesion of the foot, because the feet setting better.

The study, published in Nature magazine, was conducted by researchers at Harvard University. We compared two groups of riders, students from the United States and Kenya. They were asked to run 20 km at least every week.

These two groups of runners had significant differences. Groups of the United States are accustomed to wearing the shoes, almost always, and rarely barefoot. While the Kenyan runners accustomed to bare feet. The researchers also compared the two groups of adolescents in Kenya, namely, never wore shoes and shoes.

The researchers found that when people run with variations, runners who do not wear shoes tend to use the entire leg or as part of putting a foot hits the ground first is the soles, new heels.

In contrast to the runners wore shoes, the heel landed 75 percent of them first. It is thus more prone to injury.

Landed feet in the center or the front of the foot is required round the calf muscles are strong, but the disruption of the smaller muscles, "said William L. Jungers, Head, Department of Anatomical Sciences, USA.

He added that the human foot evolved specifically and have anatomical features such as walking barefoot. This occurred approximately 4-6 million years. "However, about 2 million years, humans began walking on tiptoe to start running," said Jungers.

Those who ran barefoot heels tend to avoid landing of the first, because if done repeatedly can make your feet hurt. Besides offering comfort shoes that land no longer part of his foreleg.

So if we must begin to remove your shoes? Actually it was not. However, the researchers suggest that we are slowly starting to learn to land the center of your foot while running.

Apart from the problems of shoes, many of the benefits we can gain from the implementation of activities. Among others, to train the cardiovascular system or blood flow through blood vessels, including the heart. And, indeed, run an effective activity to burn fat.


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