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Sweating so important!

Most of us are uncomfortable when sweating. The sweat is poured will the armpits and back of the wet (not ugly), smelling, and ruin my makeup. Yet many people deliberately try to exercise and sweat feels rested after (especially the sexy, says when you sweat).

When our body heats up, either because the air temperature, exercise, stress, or feel the breath on your neck-brain sends a message to overheat your body systems. This message was posted to the nerves that regulate more than 2 million sweat glands located under the skin. That's when the sweat glands send through the channels of sweat moisture to the skin surface. The evaporation of the skin and then cools the body.

"The hypothalamus (an important part of the substance of the brain) is the thermostat. If the temperature is raised main body, sent a message to break a sweat," said Lawrence Gibson, MD, a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic. "When the temperature drops, stops sweat more."

Benefits of sweat

Sweat consists of water, salt, and electrolytes did not really smells (just salt!). What does the smell of sweat is a mixture of sweat itself the substances of the body. Our bodies have two types of sweat glands: eccrine regulating body temperature and apocrine release of pheromones, the chemical that produces the natural odor of our bodies. The apocrine glands, which are usually in the armpits and groin, there is a thick mixture that also contains proteins and fats. Well, body odor occurs when the sweat mixes with bacteria on the skin.

Besides working for cool, sweat also showed significant signal that the body's normal functioning and healthy. "If you make an intense activity and stop sweating is a sign that you're dehydrated," said Dr. Gibson.

Sweat is also a point of reference when hot or need to replenish body fluids. Sweat, you just learn to have a drink to avoid dehydration. Another benefit of sweat, according to Christine Raffa, Raffa Power Yoga owner in Rhode Island, clean the skin, releasing toxins and make the body become wet again.

However, although we have to sweat, causing interfere if the odor. That's why I wear a deodorant (to hide the smell), antiperspirant (to stem the flow of sweat), or a combination of both.

When he heard rumors about the dangers of antiperspirant (which allegedly causes cancer) may use other means, such as the products of the armpit dry with a hair dryer after bathing or using natural ingredients.

"Nobody said that the use of antiperspirants is dangerous," said Marisa Weiss, MD, a gynecologist and obstetrics and oncology specialist, who is also president of breastcancer.org.

Most antiperspirant, according to him, is not absorbed and the amount may not be able to reach the lymph nodes near the armpit. If you can, lymph drainage flow throughout the body, not the chest.

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