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Fun Chocolate Bath with Cadbury

Do you dream of pampering yourself with a hot chocolate bath? No need to make this a dream. Cadbury is ready to make it happen.

Chocoholic seem to want to go another way to feel the pleasures of chocolate. And to fulfill that desire, Cadbury had a series of bath products that includes three new flavors of Bliss Dairy Milk bar launch.

This chocolate company was merged into the cosmetics company to truffles Anatomicals bath creme, hazelnut butter and exfoliating body wash, such as Daily Mail released on Tuesday (10/05/2011) file.

But fans of chocolate is probably the patient, because not all regions can enjoy. Limited product is available from John Lewis and asos.com, an online fashion store.

Cadbury Bliss Bar was launched in September last year, while a range of bath products will be available in June. This is the first time that Cadbury's focus on new markets, which could encourage young women to feel a sense of luxury labels Bris.

In other news, Cadbury hopes to match the success of their campaign in 2007 by launching a new advertising campaign on television.

In these commercials, campaigns at a thrift institution in the dark where we can suits and dresses that were taken from shops in classic shades of Jermaine Stewart's 1986 with the theme "We Do not Have To Take off our clothes."

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