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Increase Awareness of Dangers of Heart Disease

Love your heart
Heart disease and stroke is a frightening disease because it is the number one killer in Indonesia. If earlier the disease is considered a monopoly parents, but this time suffered by patients under the age of 40 years. This was caused by changes in lifestyle, especially in modern urban youth.

Recognising this, the DDB Indonesia and Indonesia MAXUS mediated "Your heart Love Movement, a movement which aims to raise public awareness about the dangers of heart disease.

Based on World Health Statistics 2009, which was conducted by the WHO, cardiovascular disease and stroke are the leading cause of death in the world. This finding is also consistent with the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) Indonesia 2007-issued in 2008 - which states that cardiovascular disease and stroke is the leading cause of death in Indonesia.

"Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, unhealthy diet, inactivity and drinking alcohol excessively exercise to everyone has the same risk for heart disease and stroke," said a specialist cardiovascular Prof. Dr. Dr. Budhi Setianto SpJP in opportunity talking at the launch of the Movement Love Your heart, on Wednesday (05/25/2011).

Moreover, Budhi said, the cardiovascular disease as cause of death in Indonesia should be considered proper function and performance.

"The heart is a vital organ in the human body. To be able to work for a long time, we must ensure that the heart can function optimally. In order to avoid a coronary artery, the main requirement for a healthy coronary disease and does not occur. Lifestyle factors and unhealthy eating patterns become the main cause of the imbalance of total cholesterol that clog arteries, bad cholesterol, known by the acronym LDL (low density lipoprotein), triglycerides or blood fats are absorbed through the gut , and decreased levels of good cholesterol (HDL / high density lipoproterin) in the blood, "said Prof. Budhi.

A number of behaviors such as eating fast food (fast food) that a high level of saturated fat, smoking, alcoholic beverages, extra work, lack of exercise and stress contain, has become a way of life, especially in urban areas.

"Lifestyle changes experienced by some communities in Indonesia, especially those living in big cities, where low-fiber diets and high fat intake per day, yielded increased levels of bad cholesterol," said Dr. Pauline Endang Praptini, Clinical Nutrition Specialist.

"By understanding the adequacy of nutrient intake that the body needs for healthy cholesterol, assisted by the right move to hold or exercise, may increase the chance of having a healthier heart," he continued.

Several studies in the field of cardiovascular health and stroke indications that the disease is closely related to an unhealthy lifestyle. Patterns and lifestyle in question is the attitude and behavior toward their daily activities, such as:

• Diet and nutrition is not balanced because eating too much fast food with high cholesterol, salt and sugar.

• no moving activity / sport.

• working pattern is not balanced with adequate rest opportunities.

• The habit of smoking.

• a high level of stress.

"Your heart Love Movement" received positive feedback from various parties, including from Indonesia PepsiCo, Quaker Oats product marketers.

"We are delighted to participate in this movement. Quaker has a mission to reduce the risk of heart disease was to reduce the number one killer in the world. Regional, Quaker has actively participated in various campaigns on heart health conscious as is done in India and Malaysia. Another form of support to our 'Your heart Love Movement "is to donate 500 for each community that actively participates in www.sayangijantungmu.com. The value of the cumulative to October 2011 be donated to the Indonesian community and less fortunate children heart health problems, "said Alex Kurniawan, Head of Marketing at PepsiCo Indonesia.

Products Quaker Oats health food products that are good for heart health because they contain complex carbohydrates, water-soluble fiber (beta glucan), proteins, low in sodium and phytonutrients plant substances.

Each serving of Quaker Oats sufficient 70 percent of the daily needs of whole grains. Quaker Oats consumption of 70 grams per day (equivalent to 8 tablespoons) for 30 days to help lower cholesterol levels.

Worldwide, PepsiCo implementing the vision of CSR (corporate social responsibility vision), which is "Performance with Purpose, which increase opportunities for communities and a healthier earth in the future. As a global food and beverage companies, with a series of well-known brand and quality of products, including Quaker, PepsiCo remains a product portfolio of high quality food and drink build, looking for innovative ways to reduce energy, water and reducing packaging, and creating a comfortable working environment for employees.

Other partners are actively participating PRODIA Clinical Laboratory, which has a similar vision of high quality services for the community and has served as a national reference laboratory.

"Monitoring and knows exactly cholesterol is an important thing that needs to be done for the preservation of health, including heart health. The accuracy of the results of the investigation will also determine the appropriate medical steps required by our body, "says Evy Liswati, Account Manager PRODIA Clinical Laboratory.

As for encouraging people to actively exercise, Fitness First gym offers full support, "Sports became an important part in maintaining heart health. The key is we need the condition of the general body health and health of the heart in particular to know, then be determined to exercise / what is the best sports and harmless, so the best possible benefits to health, especially our heart health.

"In support of the Movement Love your heart ', we created the" Quaker Heart Beat Dance ", which is a series of movements' low impact', the community anytime, anywhere, and certainly fun," Julia said Nurdin, Marketing Manager Fitness First Indonesia.

Mobilizing awareness of healthy living needs support and participation of the wider community. Community bicycles "Bike to Work" also gave its support by including the community to actively communicate the importance of this movement.

Bring a healthy lifestyle is expected to be the first choice of Indonesian society in the future. People who want to know and participate in this action, www.sayangijantungmu.com site visits. The public can also determine the level of heart health through online heart health tests on the site.

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