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1 of 117 Babies Killed in Gynecology Due to Smoke

Stillbirth is triggered by many causes, of which smoking a cigarette exposure in pregnant women. Although Non smoking, pregnant women, smoking pasif much further to the risk of miscarriage in the late trimester of pregnancy.

Dangers of smoking on pregnancy has been much studied, but few show their relationship with the risk of stillbirth or a child born dead on the last trimester. Although born in the living conditions, other risks are defects of the brain.

This was in the research of Dr. Joan Crane of St. John and colleagues, who revealed recently published in an international journal of gynecology and obstetrics. The study included 12 000 pregnant women participated in Canada, 11 percent of them are passive smokers.

Cigarette smoke is inhaled by passive smokers is actually too much, only about 1 percent of which is inhaled by active smokers. But this study showed the effect is very large when in pregnant women, which are compared entirely free from tobacco smoke.

Risk of stillbirth in second-hand smoke was recorded at 0.83 percent, while smoking in pregnant women who are not suspended, only 0.37 percent. Other factors are matched, it is predicted that tobacco causes 1 death in 117 cases of birth of the child.

"These numbers are very high. We have found that passive smoker, a person can have a miscarriage," said Dr. Hamisu Salihu comment, gynecologist at the University of South Florida, where was the research of Dr. Crane, with as saying by Reuters on Monday (2 cited / 4 / 2011).

could trigger a miscarriage in addition to the days before the birth of cigarette smoke also hinder the development of brain cells. Infants born to passive smokers have an average head circumference up to 0.24 percent on average born babies whose mothers smoke-free in comparison.

"Although not directly refers to the size of the baby's head circumference with intelligence quotient (IQ) and intelligence," Dr. Salihu said.

  1. Absolutely right but I believe that it is much better that the baby die than being born with defects. That is more painful memory of what the mother been doing.

    Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness

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