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A glass of water to Excess Appetite

You're trying hard to lose weight, but can not stand the temptation? If you still can not withstand excessive appetite, just a glass or two glasses of water before eating agenda. Guaranteed, appetite is reduced.

If you have people who are difficult to treat with appetite, do not worry, because a glass of water to dampen shock. Moreover, this method has no side effects that would be difficult for you. Also according to a study reported by the Times of India on Wednesday (05/11/2011).

The scientists reported that drinking two glasses of water before meals to lose weight effectively.

"In a recent study, we found that over a period of 12 weeks, their diet and perform a ritual drinking of water before meals three times a day, managed to keep the weight of about 5 kg than those who diet, but mengasup no water before eating, "says Brenda Davy from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

The reason is simple, the water will fill your stomach so that the substances it reaches zero calories. That way people will feel full is made. As a result, calories produced during the meals are usually much less. This condition will surely improve your body.

Although no exact numbers of how much water should be drunk, experts suggest that for health reasons a person may feel thirst as their guide for fluid in the body here.

Based on general recommendations, women should consume about nine cups of water from all types of drinks such as water per day, while men need about 13 cups glasses of water a day.

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