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Meditation Overcome Powerful than Pain Medication

Analgesics or painkillers are often used by people to relieve pain or dizziness. Now you do not need to take painkillers, meditation can relieve the pain.

During this meditation is known that people are more calm. According to a new study, meditation was able to give the effect of painkillers to the brains, more than even morphine.

Recent research conducted Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, North Carolina, United States, has concluded after conducting a small study involving 15 volunteers reached. None had ever engaged in meditation, so you really focus on your breathing and letting go of distracting thoughts and emotions.

Then the participants were placed in the right leg devices that can cause pain. Brain activity of the participants were tested using ASL MRI (arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging) before and after the meditation.

To understand how the brains of volunteers has the courage to respond to all this, the professionals using magnetic resonance imaging. Apparently after 80 minutes of meditation on the brains activity, is responsible for identifying the location and intensity of pain decreased significantly. So that was launched from Genius Beauty Tuesday (05/17/2011).

Study lead author, Dr. Fadel Zeidan said, "We found that pain intensity decreased by 40 percent, and the inconvenience caused by by 57 percent. Meanwhile, morphine and other painkillers an average return of 25 percent."

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