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Carrots & Plum makes skin More Interesting

Besides giving a positive effect on health, fruits and vegetables can also improve your skin complexion. Hence, the posting of this element in the daily diet can make the skin more attractive. Two of the fruit and vegetables, the carrots and prunes.

Based on a study conducted by the University of St Andrews and Bristol on 40 respondents liked the fact that they are accustomed to eating fruits and vegetables such as carrots and plums, looked more attractive than those who do not eat them. It quoted the Times of India on Thursday (05/12/2011).

Studies show a higher level of attraction to men and women who are bright yellow skin, which is considered more attractive and healthy, where yellow pigments called carotenoids, are found in various fruit and vegetables.
Representative researcher Ian Stephen said, two months to get used to eating carrots and plums, the results immediately. This method is an attractive strategy to drive more young people to increase fruit and vegetable intake.

"It is important to advise children easier to eat healthier, to prevent a heart attack at the age of 40 years," said Ian Daily Mail quoted.

"With only two months of eating fruits and vegetables look more attractive appearance," he concluded.


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