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Dukan Diet, When Red Meat Missing from Menu Daily

The Followers of Dukan Diet
Kate Middleton has been successfully lose weight with a diet occupation, focusing on high-protein diet, low fat or low cholesterol. Not only the Duchess of Cambridge is on a diet, the other celebrities also took part in it.

When a diet, of course there are many limitations that you should live. One of them, can not eat fried chicken every day. Lose weight with a diet low in proteins to create followers completely eliminate consumption of red meat.

"Meatless Monday" is one of the non-profit campaign that encourages people not to eat meat on Monday in order to improve their health.

When asked to Top Chef Padma Lakshmi on her diet secrets, she told Holly Coop, "I do not have much meat to eat. In fact, I totally agree with what is done by" meat-free Monday 'Stella McCartney. I think it's a great initiative. While My followers of omnivores, I do not really eat much red meat. "

Campaign "Meatless Monday" based on the fact that a diet high in red meat is associated with colon cancer. Because a lot of red meat high in saturated fats that nutritionists recommend getting protein from beans or peas. Victoria's Secret Supermodel, Adriana Lima including those dieters.

"I really tried to consumption of meat to disappear, I remove the flesh," says Adriana quoted from Holly Coop, Wednesday (11/05/2011).

With a diet low in protein, red meat is not a good choice. But what about the leaner meat that size is needed to eliminate them from the daily menu?

"My goal is to increase the consumption of fish and chicken," said Adriana.

If you plan to lose weight with a diet occupation, there is some controversy associated with a low protein diet that all types of meat including fish and chicken eliminates. One of the occupation phase of the diet could eat nothing but proteins. And it is logical, because the meat is known to zero grams of carbohydrates to increase the fat in the abdomen.

With a slim figure, Kate Middleton made famous Diet occupation. And it is not like the eating of meat would make anyone fat. So if you could choose carnivorous diet, avoid red meat, but meat is more lean size.

The debate on the meat may still not resolved, but one thing certain is that the intake can help you lose weight.

In addition to eliminating red meat in the daily intake, the star of "hangover" Rachael Harris Holly Coop told her exercise six days a week.

"I love life. I love weightlifting, I think one secret of successful weight loss for women is your metabolism," he concluded.

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