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Health Prediction of Urine Color

Apparently the color of our urine can be used as a tool for the state of our health at the time predicted, this can also be used as a reference afterwards how we should act.
Recognize this urine color and health prediction:
"Urine is healthy, light yellow or dark yellow, " said Tim Terry consultant urologist. This depends on the level of hydration, so if your urine remains in the yellow hallway, you can breathe easier.
"Some medications antiseptics and anesthesia of the color green tint in the urine," said Terry. This is because the methylene blue, dye is sometimes necessary to fight for our kidneys. However, if your urine is green not too much worry.
"This is a sign of liver dysfunction," said Terry. If your urine color, as they are usually accompanied by white-colored stools, this may be due to obstructive jaundice. So take action immediately if your urine orange.
Brown urine showed no kidney problems. "This may be a sign of serious kidney disease, even fistula, "said Terry. This situation is usually due to intestinal leakage in your bladder. To implement immediately with your doctor for this matter.
This is really bad. Red means there is blood in your urine, can interpret bleeding or cancer. "In people over the age of 40 years of the first hypothesis is bladder cancer, " said Terry. Call your doctor immediately and do the rapid detection.


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