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8 How to Control Blood Sugar

The blood sugar may increase or decrease according to the activities and foods consumed. Stroke, heart attacks and diabetes can result from high levels of blood sugar. So it is necessary to control blood sugar that the body is healthy.

The sugar or glucose is the energy source for cells. Average normal levels of blood glucose in humans is approximately 4 mm (4 mmol / L or 72 mg / dL).

When sugar levels in the blood outside the normal range, could be an indicator of the condition. High blood sugar in constant called low as hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

Diabetes mellitus is characterized by hyperglycemia and is the most prominent disease related to failure to control blood sugar.

Cited by menshealth, Tuesday (30/03/2010), is a way to control blood sugar:

1. Sports Exercise
Sports at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. Not a bad exercise and eating someone can worsen insulin resistance. Choose a favorite sport to avoid boredom.

2. Add the cinnamon to food
Studies show cinnamon may improve insulin sensitivity. This means that the body requires less insulin to keep sugar levels in the blood. Add the cinnamon dessert can lower blood sugar without losing sweetness.

3. If blood glucose is high, consumption of alpha lipoic acid
"Supplements are not invincible as prescribed nutrition and blood sugar in Europe," says Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, author of the most effective natural cures on Earth. Bowden recommends 300 mg twice daily.

4. Avoid sweet drinks that energy enhancer
University of Massachusetts, scientists recently discovered that exercise increases insulin sensitivity by 40 percent when the deficit of 500 calories has been done, but there was an increase of energy when burned soon replaced by carbohydrates in Sports drinks are sweet.

5. Glucose Monitor
This will let you know how certain foods and drinks affect blood sugar. Enough with the finger stabbing two hours after eating. The number is not greater than 139 mg / dL, and should not be less than 100 mg / dL. If out of range, you need not test oral glucose tolerance.

6. For a snack, eat pumpkin or sunflower seeds
These little bites do not affect blood sugar. And according to a 2006 study by researchers at Tufts University, snack bar and is rich in magnesium, which may combat insulin resistance.

7. Eat every 2 to 3 hours
Eat 2-3 hours once or fruit juice can be a bit of sugar. Lunch with the frequency it will help maintain stable blood sugar and prevent overeating.

8. Health monitoring
If you are using a thiazide diuretic for hypertension, consult your doctor about switching to ACE inhibitors. In 2006, a review of 59 medication for hypertension, found no strong relationship between low potassium levels caused by diuretics and blood sugar increases.


Help Children From the Chains of Cigarettes

The children start smoking even though there is so much information and statistical data that require not be smoking. It is the responsibility of parents, caregivers, teachers and mentors to help them understand the dangers of smoking.

Mother cites modern research centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as saying, every day about 3600 children aged 12-17 years started smoking. The results of other studies that showed the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) has also been noticed that 90 percent of adult smokers, children tend to smoke. Certainly surprising fact is that our concerns and demands.

Danger lurking cigarettes not only adults but also attacking the health of children, both direct and long-term period. Smoking before, the greater the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and other health problems. Smoking can also make children less physically fit, reduce the body's immune system and increase respiratory diseases.

As part of the commemoration of World No Snuff that falls every May 31, PT Pfizer Indonesia launched Break Free campaign which aims to motivate smokers who want to stop smoking. Regional Break-Free Campaign works with doctors, hospitals, government, media. and other relevant institutions in each country are doing this campaign. In addition, PT Pfizer Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and has carried out a series of activities together to welcome the 2010 World No Snuff.

"Break Free Background campaign because we see a number of people who want to quit, often disconnected. Provide an integrated campaign of education to help them stop smoking, help smokers quit success rate," says the artist who was asked Irianti Erningpraja PT Pfizer Indonesia was one of the speakers at the launch of Break Free campaign with the theme "Spirit of freedom of the chains of nicotine addiction," in Cone, FX X'nter lifestyle , Jakarta, recently.

Irianti of adolescents also share your story, how you communicate with your children to be free from the shackles of cigarettes.

"When my son smokes, I smoke too. And she said, smoking is worth baseball Mom. If so, are also worth baseball, boy," he said storytelling.

According to the artist of this time the 80's, strong self-acceptance is the foundation of a child can not easily be persuaded to smoke. Section, children are often more interested in joining a gang as a teenager. And they tend to be more easily influenced by the norms, rules and customs that prevail in the gang.

"If our own self-acceptance has been strong, it will not be easily provoked. Therefore, there is no need to accompany someone else, when baseball slang smoking baseball, baseball, because we already have a place for our own energy, which does not need energy to others, "he said.

As for himself, admitted that includes artists who overcome adversity to live with fled to cigarettes.

"I do not choose to smoke because they believe that I did not need cigarettes to cope with the problem. We need to reflection and introspection to find out why we need a cigarette as a form of compensation. If we recognize the advantages and disadvantages of ourselves, we must also be able to motivate yourself to be free of nicotine, "she admits.

While Dr. T Ginting SpKJ Tribowo, Life medical specialists in the same opportunity to give a solution to help children who are addicted to cigarettes.

"We have to explain, even fear. In general, if you fear even want to try, I know. We give an explanation about the dangers of smoking. We give a new insight, if you want style, can be displayed through sport . Furthermore, we support, which was to quit smoking. We also provide positive impacts of their decisions, and not impose our argument for 'must stop, "he said.


How to Find Safe, Natural Health Products

Natural health was a major concern for many with the progress of research on various diseases at the turn of the century. To you who are interested in strengthening your body against disease and to obtain optimal health, ensuring that health products are used as vitamins and food is a serious business.

From the beginning, you should ensure that natural health supplements you take are well-researched and that the company is the manufacturing of health products has a good reputation. Must be committed to excellence and have the passion to offer the best researched and well-made products especially for you.

Find safe, natural health products is looking for the best ingredients and a balanced combination thereof. You must ensure that all ingredients you need for your natural food supplement is the product you are buying.

Furthermore, the search of medical insurance is not getting the cheapest on the market. Most times, the cheapest are not the best you can find. It is reasonable to conduct a survey of nearby, as well as online stores to compare prices and quality natural products.

When it comes to shopping for health products online, you should go for sites that have a good reputation and have spent more time in the business. Settling on a rookie puts you at risk of not obtaining the best natural health products you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Before biting into the ads you see on TV and the World Wide Web have a background check of the company that manufactures the product. Always critical and focus your attention on the details. Read the fine will be printed in the ads to have a broader idea of what the product and the company concerned.

With all these in mind that now you can be sure of what you are getting. Add a little more online research and in various media such as magazines and health journals plus consultation with friends and to your doctor and other health professionals and are well on your way to buy natural care products health care that best suits you and your family.

hectic schedules, multitasking at home and at work, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition in the diet, exercise routine disorganized, lack of time to attend to personal needs and many other stress factors are prevalent and drain of energy in general. Striking a balance between emotion and action has become a challenge.

Find supplements, such as insurance and natural products for health care is vital for modern living healthy. For these products, you need not only a recognized and trusted brand, but a manufacturer committed and trustworthy as well. If you can trust the company that produces natural products for health care, then you can be sure about the quality and effectiveness of their products.

Richard Dean F. Basa

Prevent Diabetes, 50 percent dish filled with Vegetables

Healthy life inseparable from a healthy diet. With a balanced nutritional value, nothing less and nothing more, has the ideal body.

ideal bodies, which does not? To get it, you will not have to dig the money, but is a good nutritional balance. Balanced nutrition is necessary in addition to health and to overcome the shortage and excess body weight to form an ideal.

"The principle should be planning meals with balanced nutrition. Energy from the carbohydrate composition of 60-70 percent, 10-15 percent protein, and 20-25 percent fat. There is no food allowed, but must be considered is the portion of the food should not be exaggerated, "said Susana STP PDEng MSc, Chief, Division Nutrifood Research Center in the event" Balanced Nutrition for Diabetes Prevention and win "Goel Fireworks Restaurant, Jakarta, recently this.

But no doubt aware, the big city life makes people hard to adapt a healthy lifestyle. modern lifestyle may be to blame for the spread of several diseases, including diabetes. Lack of exercise, often taking a source of high levels of sugar and fat, eat less fiber, have excess body weight (obesity), the pattern of overeating, high levels of stress and genetic factors is trigger diabetes, which is now infecting even sooner.

So, is there any easy way to regulate food intake to prevent diabetes? Turns out there!

"The trick, fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter of carbohydrates, and the remaining quarter to trim. Because if you eat foods high in fiber, glycemic load will help you eat will be low," said Susana .

As you know, foods with high glycemic load should strive to make the release of insulin from the pancreas. Also, if your diet contains more fat or carbohydrates, the excess can not be stored in the gut to digest the stomach wall.

"The body has a great capacity to store fat, while carbohydrates do not. So if there is excess carbohydrate is converted into fat in the abdomen. And this will increase the risk of diabetes," concluded Susan.


Stress Response Differences Male and Female Child

A study by Australian researchers showed that children respond differently to stress. These gender differences also affect their ability to withstand the complications that can occur during pregnancy.

Since the uterus, the baby boys and girls showed different growth and development after the pressure coming from outside, such as smoking or psychological stress.

"Boys and girls respond differently to stress following the pattern of growth," said Professor Vicki Clifton Robinson Institute of pregnancy and Group Development.

In male fetuses, while the mother is stressed, it will pretend that nothing happened and continues to grow, something that could grow as much as he could. In contrast to the fetal girl, the response to the stress of his mother, who reduced their growth a bit.

"When there's another pressure in pregnancy, such as stress, due to other factors or the same source, she will continue to grow along fine, but man can not handle and the risk of premature or stopped growing," said Prof. Clifton.

He explained that the difference in growth response among children of men and women were observed by experts, especially in pregnancies with complications such as asthma, eclampsia, snuff consumption during pregnancy and the origin other types of stress, including psychological stress. According to him, the difference in growth patterns that occur due to changes in placental function that is triggered by a stress hormone, cortisol.

In female infants, the increase of the hormone cortisol causes changes in placental function that causes reduced growth, but the increase of the hormone cortisol in pregnant women that contain a child did not cause alterations in the function.

The results of this research are expected to provide appropriate treatment for specific types of gender-born babies to prevent a premature baby. It is also important to help doctors to assess fetal development more closely. "We are looking for something that can cause changes in the baby's growth, what is the cause and how to improve the health of mothers and unborn babies," he said.


Beautiful Women Ruin Your Health

Meet the beautiful woman can be bad for your health, according to research scientists.

A study by the University of Valencia, the oldest and largest university in Spain, he says, are five minutes alone with a beautiful woman can increase levels of cortisol, stress hormones in the body, man. This effect is greater in men who believe that women are "beyond their reach."

The cortisol produced by the body that suffered physical or psychological stress has been linked to heart disease.

Telegraph, Mon (3.5) reports, the researchers tested 84 male students by asking them to sit in a room and solve Sudoku puzzles. Two strangers, a man and a woman, were also present in the courtroom.

When a foreign woman leaves the room, and two men were sitting, stress levels both in male volunteers did not appear. However, when a young male volunteers living alone with a beautiful foreign women, increased levels of cortisol.

The researchers concluded, "In this study, we estimate that for most men, the presence of a pretty woman can make the perception that there is an opportunity for courtship. While some men may prevent women who are attractive because they think, "could not have been watching these women, most respond with anxiety and hormonal responses that were submitted together."

'This study shows that male cortisol levels increased after a brief social contact for five minutes with an attractive young woman. "

The cortisol can have positive effects in small doses, which increase alertness and wellbeing. However, elevated cortisol levels can exacerbate chronic health conditions, such as activation of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and impotence.


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