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Prevent Diabetes, 50 percent dish filled with Vegetables

Healthy life inseparable from a healthy diet. With a balanced nutritional value, nothing less and nothing more, has the ideal body.

ideal bodies, which does not? To get it, you will not have to dig the money, but is a good nutritional balance. Balanced nutrition is necessary in addition to health and to overcome the shortage and excess body weight to form an ideal.

"The principle should be planning meals with balanced nutrition. Energy from the carbohydrate composition of 60-70 percent, 10-15 percent protein, and 20-25 percent fat. There is no food allowed, but must be considered is the portion of the food should not be exaggerated, "said Susana STP PDEng MSc, Chief, Division Nutrifood Research Center in the event" Balanced Nutrition for Diabetes Prevention and win "Goel Fireworks Restaurant, Jakarta, recently this.

But no doubt aware, the big city life makes people hard to adapt a healthy lifestyle. modern lifestyle may be to blame for the spread of several diseases, including diabetes. Lack of exercise, often taking a source of high levels of sugar and fat, eat less fiber, have excess body weight (obesity), the pattern of overeating, high levels of stress and genetic factors is trigger diabetes, which is now infecting even sooner.

So, is there any easy way to regulate food intake to prevent diabetes? Turns out there!

"The trick, fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter of carbohydrates, and the remaining quarter to trim. Because if you eat foods high in fiber, glycemic load will help you eat will be low," said Susana .

As you know, foods with high glycemic load should strive to make the release of insulin from the pancreas. Also, if your diet contains more fat or carbohydrates, the excess can not be stored in the gut to digest the stomach wall.

"The body has a great capacity to store fat, while carbohydrates do not. So if there is excess carbohydrate is converted into fat in the abdomen. And this will increase the risk of diabetes," concluded Susan.


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