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Souvenaid Drinks to Prevent Disease Parents

Alzheimer's disease (memory loss is drastic) is the most terrifying danger of people over the geezerhood of 50 years. Memory alive for decades gone so fast could not even recognize the people closest.

Various efforts have been made to treat diseases of the brain function of this decline, but there is a powerful still healed. Because of this disease difficult to cure, researchers are now focusing on prevention efforts.

Researchers from the Colony Institute of Technology to create a drink that crapper Souvenaid become a drug for Alzheimer's. The drink contains 3 main components that crapper sustain brain synapses, videlicet uridine, choline, and omega-3 (DHA).

One of the cirri of Alzheimer's disease is the loss of synapses that connect a network or grouping that course between nerve cells or with muscles. Reduced synaptic connections made between the brain's knowledge to remember the poor and the place of language disorders that eventually lead to Alzheimer's disease.

\"Uridine is a molecule used in the encoding DNA molecule, is a B vitamin choline and DHA naturally found in many fish. All threesome nutrients are safe because many found in the human body. The compounding of these threesome types of materials crapper increase the production of fats and proteins needed for formation synapses, \"says Dr. Richard Wurtman, a professor from the Colony Institute of Technology, as reported by CNN, Monday (12/1/2010).

Researchers try to drink 225 temperate Alzheimer's patients and found that the product helps patients in module tests. Souvenaid products planned to be commercialized next year by the manufacturer Nutricia low perudahaan colossus Danone.

Meanwhile, Yian Gu, a neurologist doctorate from Columbia University Medical Center says, Alzheimer's disease attendant to diet.

\"It would be better if this study compared with the use of multivitamins and seek oil consumed a lot of people to meliorate module so that people crapper know which is more effective and not,\" said Gu.

In addition to anti-forgotten memories beverages, researchers also suggested that someone who has Alzheimer's symptoms immediately detect the brain with an tomography scanner to watch the structure of the brain and the module that stores hippopocampus. The level of dispersion of water into brain cells also proved to be a factor affecting the knowledge to recall and brain structures.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association also suggested that someone check his brain with an tomography device when incoming the geezerhood of 50 years to watch whether or not the possibility that Alzheimer's disease crapper be treated early.


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