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Watch TV Too Much Can make more Fast Die?

A new study shows, too much television viewing can cut human life. Based on the study published in Circulation Web site, a journal of the American Heart Association (American Heart Association), found that the longer a person watching television, the greater the risk of premature death, especially heart disease.
As quoted by CNN Health, the study lasted for more than six years and to monitor 8800 adult lives in Australia who have no history of heart disease in the last six years.

The results showed that the total number of participants who watched television for four hours or more, by more than 80 percent of likely died of heart disease and more than 46 percent may die from other causes.

Each additional one hour in front of the television increases the risk of dying from heart disease as much as 18 percent and the overall risk of death as much as 11 percent.
This pattern holds even though the level of education and overall health of participants, including age, smoking or not, the level of cholesterol, and blood pressure were taken into account.

According to David Dunstan PhD, chairman and chief laboratory studies of physical activity at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, a national research center in Victoria, Australia, television is not harmful, but a sitting position while watching television.

"Watching television with prolonged sitting too much, which means the absence of muscle movement ... (which) can interfere with your metabolism," said Dunstan.

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