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In order to No molester, sex should be creative

Since there are people excited because the research was mentioned that 2 of 3 men in Jakarta is an affair. Well, now realtif numbers continue to rise.

Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, Sp.OG., Mars, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, a seminar, I always mention that 4 of 5 men for adultery!

Data pairs Clinic Dr. Boyke, revealed that about 42 percent of fraud spouses when their wives at the age of 40 years. Not only that. A study in Bandung, West Java, conducted by a psychologist to mention that 2 out of 5 women workers also communicate.

The case seems to have become a common phenomenon. Affair, in fact, is one of the sex behavior often creates problems. The emergence of an unwanted pregnancy (KTD) for example. These problems increase the number of abortions go.

As an illustration,

Other places, such as chairs, especially chairs, sleeveless, table, standing in front of the mirror can be a place, the choice to give special impression on sex

approximately 2.3 million abortions performed each year. Not to mention maternal mortality due to abortion is high enough. "There is higher in Bangladesh," commented Dr. Boyke.

In addition to the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, sexual behavior is not free, is responsible for various infections contribute to the disease. One of them is infected with HIV / AIDS. If you have, since then, HIV / AIDS can infect the real couple.

Reason molester
In the affair is a sexual relationship outside of marriage is valid. The condition can occur in the short term and long enough with a level of emotional involvement or high-low.

As mentioned by Dr. Boyke, there are several reasons for people having an affair, among them:

- The inability to form a joint commitment to the spouse. Weak commitment, he did not realize the meaning and purpose of marriage is also to encourage someone to make a connection.
- Faith is weak, and a great sense of self-interest of each partner.
- Anger is hidden from the husband, wife, life dissatisfaction, unmet emotional needs because of the couples often leads to infidelity in marriage.
- Personal problems in marriage.
- Flavor want to know what sex with other people. In addition, if you have sex with a partner experienced Burnout.

When this happens, the emergence of various problems may continue to take place. So he said that each partner is aware of the symptoms. Before the marriage foundered, it is better each spouse to be adjusted independently to find and evaluate the errors that have occurred.

In the Bathroom
If this occurs, associated with sex life, so there is nothing wrong to bring communication with a partner. Creating a healthy communication to express the problems facing sex with your partner.

If the problem is due to the problem of sexual relationships, it would require some creativity in support of these issues. Site selection for example. If the atmosphere of boredom made bed while having sex, go to similar places.

In fact, during that time to have sex in the bed to be very choice of a husband and wife. In addition to a comfortable position, the bed will give a sense of rilek and romantic.

And the option is not confined to bed. "Another place, such as chairs, especially chairs, sleeveless, table, standing in front of the mirror can be a place, the choice to give special impression on sex," continued Dr. Boyke.

The bathroom is also able to support the sexual activity. Here, couples can shower, do the spa or sauna together. According to Drs. Boyke this very supportive and afterplay foreplay activities. It's just some things to consider when having sex in the bathroom. With careful slippery bathroom floor.

By doing some works in sexual intercourse, the possibility of cheating can be overcome. Not only that the negative effects of the affair, the occurrence of stress, other venereal diseases, HIV infection / AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, infertility and cervical cancer can be avoided.

Overall, the affair is often life-threatening career and marriage. Risk of the most difficult in the case of divorce, can lead to various problems. Ranging from financial, emotional burden on children, problems with other family members a sense of shame, to feel sad.
Keep in mind the difficulties to start a new life with a new partner, which may be greater than anything previously imagined.

Experts agree that a happy marriage will make a few can cooperate with each other and to lighten the burden. Will you and your partner build a happy marriage? @ DIY (Tabloid Gaya Hidup Sehat)

source: kompas.com

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