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2 times a week sex Reduce Heart Attack Risk

Researchers found men who have sex twice a week can lower the risk of heart attack until half time. Sex is right according to the researchers did a lot of health benefits.

That study of 1,000 men showed the health benefits of sex for a man of heart, but not unknown in women.

Men who regularly engage in sex for 2 times a week will reportedly have an increased risk of heart attack is lower by 45 percent.

The researchers in the United States also suggested that men who have heart problems also asked about sexual activity. Each year, approximately 270,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack and coronary disease is still the biggest killer in England.

Although more studies that show good sex to physical and mental health, but very little evidence to show the effect to reduce the risk of heart disease. For that researchers from the New England Research Institute, Massachusetts tried to prove it.

Researchers track sexual activity among men aged 40 years to 70 years to find out is there a relationship between the frequency of routine sex with the risk of heart disease.

All factors such as age, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are diperhitungakn the study published in the American Journal of Cardiology is.

The results indicate, men who had sex at least 2 times a week much less risk of heart disease than men who only have sex once a month or less.

Factors suspected as the protector of the heart organ health is an emotional attachment to the spouse and low stress.

National Cancer Institute in America had done studies that say, men who do ejaculate through sex or masturbation at least five times a week less to get prostate cancer.

Not only that, according to experts from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, having sex during the winter was reported to enhance the body's immune system and reduce the risk of colds and coughs by increasing the levels of immunoglobulin A, or IGA.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Monday (1/11/2010), sex can also increase the sensitivity of her sense of smell because of the hormone prolactin release.

"This is a binding factor suspected to be women with a newborn child," said a researcher from Calgary University in Canada.


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