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Food That Makes You Old ...

Let us look bad foods, foods that should be avoided as much as possible.
The food into four categories:
  1. Red meat and processed products - hamburgers, cheeseburgers, meat lapis
  2. Processed meats such as Hotdogs, ham, and meat asap.
  3. Full milk and cheese (except low-fat cheese and yogurt)
  4. Baked goods like cookies, cakes, and donuts.
Food is a source of total fat, is usually included in the American diet. Remember also, too many fat on the body means that cancer, diabetes, hypertension, digestive disorders, and complications of arthritis, not to mention heart disease and cholesterol in the blood.
One of the factors that cause the meat to make your parents is the way it is processed or stored. Processing hot dogs, for example, causes cancer. Burned flesh also known to cause cancer.
Baked meat known carcinogens formed in the flesh, and on its surface. Carcinogens are likely formed in the outer two-thirds of the meat.
Another category of food that makes you old is processed foods that have been wrapped and ready to be consumed after the first heated by microwave. They are usually high-calorie with a little fiber. They are usually (but not always) produce 30 percent of calories or more than fat. Broke almost always contain high sodium too.
Finally, the category of food that makes you old: the food in the package labeled healthy food, but it makes you old in a veiled way. Confusing? It is the purpose of ad makers.
Some examples: Milk 2 percent milk may be advertised as "low fat," and may prevent us to choose skim milk, which does have the power to make us younger and healthier. Meat may be labeled the package as "chicken without the fat" or "meat without fat," but the overall combination of cheese produced by fat is very high. So be careful about food "healthy" is.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Make Your Longevity
According to the Framingham Heart Study, those who ate less fat will live two years longer than those who eat fatty foods.
Clearly, eating a healthy diet produces a longer life. In addition to vitamins and minerals, fiber and carbohydrates, there are substances which are known to make you long life: fitokimiawi!
The substance helps to prevent cancer, and is contained in foods of plant origin. As a result of this discovery, the medical community increasingly appreciate the effects produced healthy and vegetarian eating style. More and more doctors who understand the ability of fruit and vegetables to extend life and your health.
More than 12 million Americans now become vegetarians, but large groups are divided into groups based on the lesser degree of their dedication to their eating style. This is the division.
Most of the 12 million people into the category known as semivegetarian. They do not eat red meat but sometimes eat chicken or other poultry, or fish.
Lakto-ovo-vegetarians eat no meat at all, do not eat poultry, but eats animal products like milk and eggs, unlike lakto-vegetarians who eat no eggs, or vegans who do not eat eggs and dairy products.
Many groups who consider themselves vegetarians but nevertheless sometimes eat red meat and try to limit their consumption of meat or fish. This trend seems to occur in people: eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables, at least to those who want to live healthy and live longer.
Nature tamed shrew
The wrong diet can also make you feel upset and haggard appearance, according to researchers at the State Univerity of New York, at Stony Brook and Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.
After studying 156 women and 149 men for five years, they concluded that people who consume the eating habits of Americans who are fat are more easily upset than those who had changed to a more healthy diet.
Those who switch to eating fatty meal showed poor properties are not very angry and did not seem likely to experience depression.
The researchers believe that reducing the fat content in foods and in blood flow produces a good effect: The less fat content in it, the better your mood. So?

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