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Food Protein is a Body Builder

Every living cell is composed by proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of the main body. Proteins are composed of organic compounds containing elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Elements Nitrogen (N) is a protein that can differentiate from carbohydrates and fats. Protein is the raw material for cells and tissues is an important component of muscle, skin and bones.
Enzymes are proteins that function groups as biokatalisator on chemical reactions in the human body. Substance that is transformed by an enzyme called a substrate. The enzyme is a protein complex composed of the protein and the non-protein (cofactor) and the cofactor itself can be a metal ion or an organic molecule called a coenzyme or protetis groups.
Classification there are several kinds of enzymes is based primarily on the type of reaction catalysis. Enzyme ending in "ase" to dikatalisisnya substrates, such as:
Amylase hydrolyze starch or starch.
Lipase hydrolyze lipida or fat
Proteases hydrolyze proteins.

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