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Fiber Food

In general, when talking about food substances, we tend to think about whether the food is high nutritional value or not. Nutritional quality is determined by the value of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals contained in food. We rarely think about whether the food is fibrous or not and what its benefits.
Dietary fiber (cellulose) that is in our diet comes only from plants (the cellulose component of the vegetable about 50%). Fiber food itself is a complex carbohydrate in the form of cellulose and other substances which are plant cell wall, namely pectin, gum, lignin and mustilago. The third is food that is not cellulose polysaccharides.
Pectin is generally found in citrus fruits; mustilago many in beans, peas and legumes, whereas lignin is a fiber that gives shape to the wooden structure of plants.
The function of this dietary fiber, among others, the food can last long in the stomach, if we compare with other foods that are not fibrous. Fibrous food in the stomach can hold up to 24 hours, while other foods maximum of only 4 hours. Other functions of dietary fiber is to stimulate intestinal tract activity to remove the terartur feces. In addition, dietary fiber in the feces can absorb much water, thus helping the feces become soft (prevent constipation). For people who diet calories, consume foods containing fiber is the most appropriate, because the calories in foods that contain lots of fiber is low. Latest development, epidemiologist argued that foods containing high fiber can protect the body from the dangers of colon cancer and hemorrhoids. Foods that contain lots of fiber helps binding of cancer-causing substances (carcinogenic) and out of the large intestine.
Similarly, why fiber diet can prevent hemorrhoids. As more and more fiber foods, so increasing the volume of feces and become soft. This will reduce pressure on intrakolon and intraduodenum. This Reduced pressure can affect the blood vessels located around the anus. However, consuming foods rich in fiber can cause bloating. This occurs due to gas formation in the cecum and large intestine, because the enzymes produced by bacteria will describe the cellulose and produce gas.
Fiber can be obtained from the plant seals (wheat, corn, rice), fresh fruits such as apples (especially in the skin) and vegetables strawberry major.

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