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Lycopene, Natural Dyes Prevent Prostate Cancer

Food manufacturers often use of lycopene for the dye. With the ban on the use of artificial dyes, lycopene in the correct answer is both healthy.

Including lycopene carotenoid family, which act as antioxidants, protecting the body by eliminating free radicals before damage can occur from the disease. In addition to antioxidant capacity, according karotenioid company Allied Biotech Corporation, lycopene is found may increase the risk of heart disease, lipid oxidation, LDL (bad cholesterol) is lower, strengthen the immune system to reduce, and in particular the prevention of cancer.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Lycopene has been reported to substantially reduce oxidation of LDL in human blood. This suggests that lycopene a role in preventing heart disease, one of the conditions is the reduction of LDL cholesterol oxidation.

Prevention of prostate cancer

Lycopene is concentrated in certain organs of the body, especially the prostate. Some studies have suggested an association of lycopene with a lower risk of prostate cancer. Research Earl Washington, for example, found that men who many lycopene in their blood, the risk of prostate cancer decreased by 50 percent than those who ate less food sources of lycopene. Even for those younger than 70 years, the benefits increased.

The source of lycopene

In the food, lycopene is used as natural dyes, by their nature as giver natural red color in fruits. Unfortunately, the absorption of lycopene by the body is not always easy, such as tomatoes.

Antioxidant content of tomatoes for cooking is relatively low. Increasing the amount of lycopene in it at once easier for the body to absorb lycopene, tomatoes must be cooked, or it can be added to olive oil or rapeseed oil. This means, all processed tomato products like tomato sauce, tomato soup and spaghetti sauce are an excellent source of lycopene for the body. But keep in mind to choose products low in sodium and sugar.

Many people think tomatoes are the only source of lycopene. In fact, there are also sources of lycopene in watermelon, guava red, orange, Florida (pink grapefruit), tomato juice, tomato sauce, etc.. For you who do not like tomatoes, these materials certainly an alternative natural dyes serving the family.


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