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Success Avoid Overweight Children

SELECT healthy diet. Parents are always buying, cooking, and to determine what food will be eaten by children. Because of this, apply a healthy diet. Even small changes can cause major changes in child health.

Limit purchases of sugary drinks, including fruit drinks that taste. Drinks like these only a little food in comparison with high calorific value they have. Select recipes and cooking methods that use less fat as possible. For example, you can grill chicken, but not sloppy.

Serve colorful foods on the table, including green and yellow vegetables, flowers, fruit and bread made from whole grains. Limit servings of carbohydrates such as white rice, pasta, white bread and sugar (for dessert).

Limit meals outside the home, especially fast food. Many menu options in restaurants like this are high in fat and calories.

Do not give candy and snacks, as gifts for children who have behaved well or to stop bad behavior. Do not use children always spend the contents of your plate. Babies also will reject the bottle or breast milk as a sign that they are already full. When children are enough, do not force them to continue to eat.

Increase physical activity. One very important component of weight loss, especially in children, is physical activity. To increase the level of activity of the child, for example, limit the time relaxing in front of the screen only two hours a day.


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