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It's Time to Have a Flat Stomach

flat stomatch

Want a flat stomach? The time at which they multiply selectively choose to exercise and diet. As a result, has a belly fat without having to become a reality.

Certainly, excess abdominal fat may inhibit liver function as toxins in the blood filter. So after we create a circulation system is not running normally and then trigger various health problems, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Well, to be rid of belly fat and have a flat stomach, there are some tips for you. Among them:

As if your body with pilates

The mounds of fat around the stomach may cause exasperated and wanted to get rid. However, it does not mean that only focus on cutting the fat in that region alone. It's also fat fat elsewhere, such as fat in the hips. Therefore, you must have the movement has to play these two sections. And do not forget to train the hand and leg muscles that will improve the aspect ratio to your body.

You need to know, there are many sports that can reach the abdominal muscles and hips, and one of Pilates. This sport not only strengthen the position of our body but also the elimination of fat in the abdomen, arms and legs. In addition, Pilates can also make your body more flexible.

Replace your diet

In addition to the diligent to burn fat, but must also be accompanied by a set pattern of eating. No means you are free to enjoy a variety of foods in your body.

Because after all, there are body fat thanks to the food you eat each day. More precisely, eating foods that do not contain enough fat and move as much as possible. The more you exercise, the faster your body burns fat in the body.

Avoid bending

When you are leaning forward, without really realizing you're pushing your abdominal muscles at the front end. So belly fat may be seen more clearly. To be launched vertically. To the best vertical position, make sure your ears aligned with shoulders. This means that your chin forward, not down. After that, align the shoulders with the hips as well. When standing, not forget to stretch both shoulders to one side to the chest is opened. And upright. This will make your performance look better than bow. (A from various sources)


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