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Threat of danger behind the G-String Pants

G-string or thong is always touted as the most powerful burning passion man is above the bed. Although many men and women for, unfortunately, many do not know the dangers of this superseksi pants.

Besides the burning passion, a thong panties also always chosen to hide panty line when the clothing that is transparent use. Do you know that wearing a thong too often can cause a hazard. What is it?

It is a gynecologist in Los Angeles, Lisa Masterson, which publishes the results of research on the effect of thong panties on the health of women. Lisa refers to the study, an intense woman can wear thongs serious enough to feel the effects of the infection in the vagina or around the buttocks. As Millionlooks okezone appointments.

That the impact will become worse especially if the material is made of material classified as rough as synthetic fabrics (eg nylon). The pants are made from synthetic materials tend to dry and can cause blistering or skin irritation. Because the skin contained in the buttocks area belonging to Miss V and thin, then the injuries and resulting infections can easily occur.

You must have knowledge, the use of the thong, obviously can not fully protect their sensitive areas of a variety of bacteria or dirt, or cling to clothing or other. In other words, the G-strings can really help the spread of infection quickly. If you do not want your tender skin becomes irritated, thinking back to every day wear thongs.


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