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Iron Nutrition Important When the Diet

Lean and healthy body is the dream of every woman. Therefore, it is natural that if drugs and weight-loss drug sold well in the market. Some women choose a diet with their own forms. However, there is seldom a mistake and actually lead to health problems rather than lean body that dream. The diet is not prohibited, but requires care and attention to nutritional intake in addition to regular exercise.

One of the important nutrients that should not be left on a diet is iron. The reason why the substance in spinach is very important to many body metabolism, especially women. In fact, a laboratory test showed that an adequate intake of iron in the diet, your metabolism will run faster. That means burning calories faster, so you drop weight faster.

Iron in the blood is the official carrier "of oxygen from the lungs through the body and are needed for women, especially in the coming months and became pregnant. A woman of 19-54 years require iron intake of about 12 to 16 milligrams. While Pregnant women need to take 10-20 mg of iron. For women over 54 years of age should consume 5.7 milligrams of iron per day.

How then to maintain the supply of iron in the body without losing their appetite? Do not worry, not only the iron content in spinach, but also in some kind of fruit and vegetables.

If you're doing low carb and replace rice with potatoes, potatoes with skin should be the consumption of dishes after washing. In fact, a thin potato skin contains a lot of potatoes in iron than beef. Now, if your main comes from the carbohydrates of bread, you must choose wheat bread (whole wheat bread). Wheat bread contains fiber, antioxidants, phytoestrogens to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, vitamins, minerals and iron.

Tea is good for diet drinks, especially if the tea consumed is green tea or black tea. However, to maintain the supply of iron in the body, too much to avoid tea tannin content in tea is an inhibitor of iron absorption.

To maintain the supply of iron, even though you're in your diet, you should not avoid meat because meat contains a large amount of iron. Beef, chicken, and even the fish, so do offal such as liver, heart and kidney to save a lot of iron your body needs. The key is one, enough to eat in portions. However, if you choose to avoid red meat, iron intake can also be obtained from oysters and crustaceans.

Not only is called sexual desire a food drive, iron content rich oyster of 4.7 milligrams of iron per gram. In addition to spinach, the store is the nuts of iron. Eating vegetables such as peas, soybeans and beans contain enough iron, high protein, too. 100 grams of nuts contains between 8 to 17 percent protein, iron (1-5 mg) and calcium (14-102 mg.) You do not like soy in its original form, only the consumption of processed products such as tofu or tempeh in every 100 grams contains 2.5 mg of iron. Addition, you must be diligent eating fruits that contain vitamin C and iron, such as prunes, apples and papayas. Well, congratulations on a diet!

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