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Biologics New hope for Patients With RA

Biologics New hope for Patients With RA
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in Indonesia is still relatively low, but this disease should be careful. Because AR plays an important role in the cause of disability and reduced quality of life of patients. However, existing drugs, the patient's activity will remain intact.

In fact, the main ARyang treatment is to achieve remission during and as soon as possible before the occurrence of structural damage to joints. When this condition is successful, the various symptoms of the disease was not seen again. You can also slow the progression of the disease.

There are two types of medication for patients with RA, ie only treat the symptoms only, and may slow the disease process. The latter is a drug that is in a class of DMARDs (rheumatoid arthritis drugs disease-modifying). With high levels of adherence, these drugs are effective in 60% of patients in RSCM.

Along with understanding the disease, have introduced new biological drugs for patients who can not be solved with conventional medications. In RA produced a variety of cytokines and cell surface which in turn plays a role in stimulating inflammation and joint damage. Biological agents are made by molecular biology to produce cytokines and antisel surface.

biological agent shown to stop the journey AR disease, prevent disability and disability. A sitokinyang have been identified as IL-6 (IL six). A new drug that could inhibit these adalahTocilizumab cytokines.

Several studies have shown, a single therapy or in combination with another DMARD is reduced significantly due to RA. Prof. Dr. Harry Isbagjo SPPD-KR said, biological agents used in case of failure with conventional treatment with DMARDs.

DMARD was able to show significant results in patients, but not all patients can be cured with these drugs. The rest still need the IL-6.

"But for patients who are able, could have appealed directly to the IL-6, without a conventional DMARD. Biologic agents work faster within 2-4 weeks has been free of symptoms, while the DMARD to wait three months new symptoms disappear, "said Harry.

Biological agents can be combined with one of the DMARD. However, only one DMARD drug because of side effects are quite large. Therefore, the IL-6 inhibitor is a novel biologic in the treatment of RA that meet unmet medical needs in the treatment of RA.

ACTEMRA is Roche's production pending in the United States, Europe and Indonesia. However, in Japan, this drug has been launched as a therapy for arthritis.

According to Inge S Kusuma, Head Pharma, Roche Indonesia in the near future will be Tocilizumab efficacy study in 40 patients in Indonesia.



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