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Headaches? Overcome With Making Love!

If the headache, nausea is so strong around the neck to fall, not the heavy load, such as strike head. For many, drugs are often used as the main line of defense. You know, there are other ways to reduce the headache?

If your headache attack constantly looking for a doctor to handle. Meanwhile, here are some other ways to relieve headaches, as revised Womansday.


Botox is best known can eliminate wrinkles, but also effectively treat headaches.

Botox merileskan muscles that contract during the headache, "said Traci Purath MD, medical director of the Comprehensive Headache Care at Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group in Franklin, Wisconsin. "Botox is the brains the sensory nerves to block the pain to repair and relieve tension in forehead and the back of the neck," he said.

Botox effects began to be felt about 8-10 days later, that should not be repeated for three months.


A mild relief, a trick to treat your headache. "Acupuncture works the mind and body are connected with patients to help in harmony with their pain. The body learned to adapt to the level of pain," said Dr. Purath.

Needles are placed in certain sensory areas, such as the forehead, cheek and neck pain for the procedure. needles used are very small until you can barely feel. In fact, most patients report feeling relaxed. Medicine, emphasized Dr. Purath, conducted over several months, but the benefits for one year.


How many times do the headache excuse for not having sex with a partner? Should be listened to, sexual intercourse can actually help relieve headaches.

"Natural endorphins and other pain relievers hormone released during orgasm, which helps you to relax and calm," said Dr. Purath.


If you suffer frequent headaches, exercise help. "When moving (for sports), increase your stamina, reduce stress and sleep better," says Jan Brandes, MD, assistant professor of clinical neurology department at Vanderbilt University. "The higher exercise-jogging, hiking, swimming, the more you the pain of the head to reduce tension," he added. However, if you have migraine, regular exercise can actually make it worse.


After work, wash your throbbing head, and you suddenly realize that the many hours are left empty stomach without food. If you leave the body too long without food intake, your blood sugar fell to hypoglycemic headaches, says Dr. Purath.

"Apple will get rid of a headache right away and help to reduce blood sugar normal. Keep the temptation to snack candy because it will raise your blood sugar levels in the future," said Dr. Purath. But, he claimed, do not eat bananas, because it can cause headaches.


"Besides keeping you awake, coffee unexpected benefits that a certain amount of caffeine may help control the pain of a headache," said Dr. Brandes.

In addition, caffeine may help the body absorb more migraine drugs through the stomach lining, can also reduce pain at the onset of headache by constricting the blood vessels. For some people, caffeine causes headaches, so consume with caution.


It was difficult to get seven hours sleep in a pile of work deadlines, but if you suffer from headaches, sleep too little (or even too much) can exacerbate headaches.

"Your body needs at least seven hours sleep, without disturbing the body to refresh and eliminate the headaches," said Dr. Purath.


Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of headaches. "If he does not get enough water, the body begins with a liquid that is stored and look for ways to signal that something happens to take control (ie, through a headache or migraine)," said Dr. Purath.

The good news, the drink quickly cure a headache discomfort. To balance the body, drink 8-10 glasses of water with about 8 grams per glass per day. But do not overdo it, because excess moisture can reduce the level of electrolytes and sodium.


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