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Come on, Check Breast Self!

Have a healthy breast (Photo: Google)
One of the things that are important in maintaining breast health is breast aware of any anomaly. Especially those related to breast lumps.

Breast cancer incidence is likely to increase the age of the patients were getting younger. Generally, breast cancer is found in patients with advanced stage due to negligence on the detection of tumors or abnormalities in the chest. In fact, the possibility of recovery, of course, be even greater if the cancerous tumor can be detected early.

Perhaps many of us refuse to perform breast self-examination for fear of actually finding something. But as said earlier that the successful treatment of early detection increases. Moreover, although finding a lump, the lump is not necessarily found a malignant tumor. It could be the mammary gland tumor is a benign swelling or who do not have to worry about. Doctors examine further lump and determine what type and what steps must be performed.

How I can do this?

"Passage of breast check this we can do with simple and only takes a few minutes. It is not often needed once a month is enough. Instead, realize the fact after the menstrual period. Because when it comes to conditions breast soft and loose, making it easier for palpable, "said Sallika NS, journalism graduate FKG UI through the book" Health Business Solutions for Women facts. "

The inspection can be done while lying down or standing, of course, without the use of a pinch. This test can be done while taking a bath with foaming hand. Here's how to complete check your own breasts, as described Sallika.

  1. Check the overall condition of your breasts in front of the mirror. A check for changes in color and structure of the skin, breast size or shape.
  2. Next, check your right breast and armpit area around his left hand. The movement of his left hand to explore the breast with a circular motion and light pressure. The direction of this circular can be started from the outer circle of the breast, up to the nipple. After that, check the breast with a vertical movement from top to bottom.
  3. Gently squeeze the nipple to see if there is fluid coming out.
  4. Do the same on the left breast.



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