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Apparently Probiotics No Help Digestion

Two thirds of the immune system in the gastrointestinal tract. Taking "good bacteria" help maintain a healthy digestive system remains. One of the intake to be derived from probiotics are consumed daily.

Not a new thing again that daily consumption of products such as milk, yogurt, juices, until the artificial sweetener is also supplemented with probiotics.

The main advantage is offered, so keeping the health of the digestive system that automatically increases stamina. Probiotic concept itself has been known since 1965 and is considered the germs that aid digestion.

But now the assumption was incorrect. The reason, experts say that the way of healthy living with a probiotic product is in fact not good for the digestive tract.

Approximately 800 claims from companies that produce yogurt with probiotics is examined by the European Centre for Food Safety. So that was disitat Genius Beauty, Wednesday (23/02/2011).

In the process of independent research has shown that the product is not a magical effect on digestion or strengthen the immune system.

Declaration by the scientists were greeted by a manufacturer with a certain anger. In the near future, they may be forbidden to a number of characteristics of healthy products with probiotics for the package to show.


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