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Regular yoga helps raise Weight Loss

Yoga for your healthy life
Tired live sports, but the weight remains far from the expected weight? Relaxed, not necessarily despair. Discipline and consistent with the objectives to be achieved for the key to success.

What woman would not let her beautiful appearance? Of course all women want. Some women may berpersepsi slender body is the ideal category for the body beautiful. No wonder they fought in slimming the body in different ways. But for some other woman, have a thin body is not a pleasant appearance.

Well, if you plan to increasing body weight, here is the solution activity, as expressed by experts Fred Hutchhinson Cancer Research.

Move every day

For maximum benefit to doing aerobic activity for 30-60 minutes per day.

"You do not have athletics. just enough for a quick walk or dance with your favorite music revival or a treadmill to try. Do all these exercises every day on a regular basis, " said Anne McTieman, as reported by the Times of India. If it's too heavy, make a distribution session, where all of 10-15 minutes per session.

Create a food journal

"Give extra time to write what you want to eat and drink. From the list, you can add extra calories to an excessive intake of food you consume," says Caitlin Mason, health researchers from the Public Health Sciences Division at the Hutchinson.

"There are many ways in 'online' is good for the calorie content of food to estimate and track the progress of your weight from time to time," he said.

Set realistic goals

Predictions on a realistic weight gain. Not more than push yourself to an ideal weight to achieve in a short time. To achieve long term success, make a plan about 1-2 pounds a week only increase. Indeed, in reality it is hard to come by and take a few months later, "said Mason.

Create specific goals

You can use goals in more detail, such as eating five servings of vegetables per day, walk for 15 minutes at lunch every day and drink at least eight glasses a day.

"Making healthy behaviors as part of the routine with the more frequent will be much easier than a promise not to eat certain foods," said Mason.


Perform regular yoga, and watch your weight, so weight gain changes you want. Researchers find Alan Kristal, regular yoga practice may help the spread of obesity. A study published in 2009 found that regular yoga practice can improve the appetite.

"This finding is consistent with the hypothesis that the increased awareness of yoga lead to weight gain from time to time in accordance with the physical activity of the practice of yoga weight," says Crystal.


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