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Consumption of tomatoes prevent prostate cancer

From now we have to more eating tomatoes. Besides renewing the body, eating tomatoes can reduce prostate cancer risk.

When scientists at the University of Illinois, eating tomatoes can reduce prostate cancer risk. Currently, scientists develop tools that can help track the metabolism of tomato carotenoids in the human body.

"Scientists believe that the carotenoids are red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables that offer benefits for preventing cancer. But we do not know exactly how it happened," said John W. Erdman of the University of Ollinois as reported by the Times of India.

The researchers will use the labeling of the three carotenoids isotip tomatoes with a heavy carbon atoms to keep track of tomato element absorption and metabolism in the body.

"We have two questions I want answered. First is the carotenoid itself is bioactive or their metabolic products or oksisatif. Secondly, that lycopene and carotenoids are also important," he said.

Lycopene, which gives the red color in tomatoes is generally used as material for a multivitamin supplement. However, the color is less carotenoids like phytoene and phytofluene has known benefits, said Nanci Engelmann of laboratotiun Erdman.

Scientists cultivate cells tomatoes with sugar nonradioaktif 13 carbon-carbon molecular weight of carbon-12 molecules that exist in other places yield, Erdman said. Carbon molecule is then inserted into the carotenoids in tomato cells. As a result, researchers can trace the activity of lycopene, phytoene and phytofluence and metabolites in the human body.


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