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Fat-free drinks to gain weight!

It is true that more and more beverages that contain no fat. However, this does not mean that drinking can not be fattening.

To maintain your weight by eating fat-free drink. As if the pleasure does not go away while you still can enjoy cool drinks, without fear of fat increases. Have you ever noticed that many kilojoules drink is ready to make you fat again?

In fact, the drinks are labeled fat free have added approximately 3,000 kilojoules, or nearly a third of the recommended daily energy intake for an average active woman.

So it's time to face a variety of drinks, from soft drinks to liquor is actually full of calories. For example, a glass of wine or a can of milk is almost the same calorie soft drinks. Health24 cited, Wednesday (02/02/2011).

What is the ideal drink?

Do not be seduced by offers of drinks, low fat and low sugar and flavor (less flavor). According to the Nutrition Information Centre of Stellenbosch University (NICUS), mineral water is still the best way to meet your daily fluid.

According to the NICUS, the water is highly recommended for daily fluid intake. Mineral waters do not provide energy, which is ideal for adults who are overweight or do not move actively. Water also provides a number of variables of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride, depending on the source.

Interestingly, recently a group of beverages in the United States issued a fact that is better than drinking a cup of coffee (without cream, whole milk and sugar) that drinking a glass of orange juice. Why?

The key is in the rules of energy, pure coffee has no calories and contains antioxidants. While the juice is a source of vitamins, so you should restrict your consumption. Generally sweeter drinks, more calories.

In general, choosing the right drinks only need a simple calculation, if you choose fresh water, water without sweeteners, and other low-calorie drinks. The key, see the composition on the label, and select beverages that contain more water, less sugar and some alcohol. The advantage is you get for losing weight.

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