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7 Reasons You Do not Need Diet

From 2011, make resolutions to lose weight by dieting. January is almost over, but never a resolution. Relax, you do not feel like a failure.

However, the power is not the right way for you to lose weight. Here are seven reasons, as quoted from ModernMom.

Diet is not healthy

Most species of the diet was not healthy, such as the Atkins diet, which encourages the perpetrators in a number of groups to reduce the body needs food. If you really want to eat healthy, you need nutrients from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. But remember, you must limit your caloric intake and keep the balance.

Weight loss will rise again

Even if you lose yourself so many pounds by dieting extremes, do not fool yourself. Return to more weight after starting to eat normally. What everyone says is true, that to lose weight and stay healthy, you need your lifestyle.

Yo-yo dieting is more harmful than useful. Focus on sound in a moderate way to fit the body then lost 10 pounds to keep only temporary satisfaction.

You will be very interested in food

Dieters often spend much time thinking about food and eating. Because you away from food, set the food is what you can do. This is actually a natural process. When food is limited, you are encouraged to eat as a survival mechanism against starvation.

Diet is an eating disorder triggers

Some experts believe that the rise of eating disorders in part because of the high percentage of people on a diet that their bodies despise. Even if you think this will never happen to you, do not engage in behavior that allows you to such a risk.

You lose energy

What good is the body section if you feel listless and tired all the time? Diets often do not contain the nutrients the body needs so it will not function properly. If you eat snacks (healthy snacks), it is much more healthy and provide energy for the adequacy of the body.

You do not give a good example for children

Mothers who diet will be role models for children when they eventually chose to diets. Rather than focusing on the external, to your work, children learn that every person is multidimensional and should not be judged solely on appearance. Make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle and your family will see the benefits for the future of children.

You will not learn to accept yourself

If you're dieting, you will never learn to accept yourself and others. Loss of 5, 10 or 15 pounds will not make you a better person. Not your life obsessed with thin.

Once you learn yourself, to accept healthy life, active, good food, and believe in yourself, then the desire to lose weight will not be the only dream alive. However, that you are a wonderful person who deserves the best.



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