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Plum Reduce Osteoporosis

Plum included in Prunus species are often referred to as the stone fruit (hard seeded fruits). This fruit-shaped thick fleshy, juicy, sweet taste, a single seed, and hard. This fruit contains many substances that are beneficial to health, including dealing with different diseases.

There are two kinds of plums, the plums Europe (west) of dark red-purple, slightly soft, sweet, but less water and Japanese plums and West Asia (Eastern) are yellowish green and red, sweet and sour taste and watery many . This fruit contains many substances that are beneficial to health.

"Plum contain phytochemicals called ferulic acid. Research shows that eating lots of ferulic acid may help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Plum is a fruit rich in fiber and potassium," said Princess Gita Menu Line, SKM Marie France Bodyline Pondok Indah Mall 2, South Jakarta.

It also contains diphenylisation that not only functions as a laxative, but also the problem of overcoming constipation.

"Plum also helps absorb iron in the body and is useful as a natural laxative," he continued.

Various studies show that prunes contain fiber, so that the problem of overcoming the cholesterol and protect against heart attack. "It also hydroxycinnamate, an antioxidant that can prevent LDL oxidation. Along with a variety of fiber it contains, prune the body of heart attacks and lower cholesterol to protect," he said.

Plums also contain vitamin C. Vitamin C in this plum good for the body and tissues of the immune system that can prevent colds and flu, prevent high cholesterol, to neutralize free radicals and prevent diseases such as arthritis rhematoid, colon cancer, and asthma.

Plums can also be symptoms of fever, flu, asthma, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and cancer to reduce, "said women who called this confidential Gita.

Plum reliable as a source of energy and tonic to the brains, the nervous system and blood. Serves as antibakteria, antivirus, laxatives and diuretics.

"Many used to cure liver disease, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, obesity, tumors, skin, bloating, and hemorrhoids," he continued.

For beauty, especially women who want to lose weight safely and healthy, good plums to donate blood fat and cholesterol can be derived.

"Eating fresh prunes as a snack helps weight loss program is excessive. Antioxidant substances in addition, it helps slow the aging process," he said.

Plum fruit contains vitamins and nutrients that can cure the disease, strengthen the immune system. Recent research shows that prunes may help fight breast cancer and colon cancer. How does it work? Plum contains unique phytonutrients and cancer compound called chlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic.

Scientists from the Texas farm life research found that when phenol plums gathered in breast cancer cells, malignant cells were dead. Plum extract can kill cancer cells but not normal cells healthy.

This is the excess. Extras plums and peaches were investigated for the most cancer cells to kill malignant cells without damaging healthy tissue. Dust neochlorogenic phenol chlorogenic and is still high in dried plums.

According to him, consumption of two plum job every day to improve digestion, prevent canker sores, and bleeding gums.

"Moreover, plums borron, a mineral that helps the body absorb calcium, so eating 10-12 dried plums a day can help prevent bone loss and reduce the risk orteoporosis contain," he said.

So far there is no research on the impact of excess eating plums. Plum safe for consumption for all age groups from toddlers to adults. Patients with diarrhea is not recommended to eat this fruit, "he said.



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