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8 How to Get Rid of Headache

Headaches or migraines are not fatal, but decrease the quality of life. Because no one is comfortable in motion when the pain strikes.

Try one of eight ways to get rid of a headache to use. Here, as reported by Allwomenstalk.

Drinking water

Headache is usually caused by dehydration. Chances are your body cells need more water to the toxins from the body. Drink several glasses of water for headache does not last long, did not take aspirin or ibuprofen.

Strain the shoulder and neck muscles

Some headaches are caused by tension. The muscles of the neck and shoulders as you stress. These muscles usually cause a slight headache, but also known for intense headaches.

As a form of relaxation of tension, try tilting the head until you feel the muscles at the base of the neck a little ketarik. Do alternately left and right, but do it slowly to avoid injury.

Set respiratory

Deep breathing exercises can release much tension in the body. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for some time. Make sure you inhale and exhale very slowly.

This meditation process works well for some people. It can be difficult if you are easily distracted by things around you. So, find a quiet place.

Cold compress

You can use the gel pack, a bag of peas or a new nugget seplastik removed from the freezer to compress to your forehead. After the cold compress, do not switch to warm compresses (towel that is soaked in hot water.)


If the headache is whack, you need fresh air to relax fatigue. If you walk out of the room and immediately felt a headache to subside, the headache is caused by your environment. Walking is a great way to relax and release stress, such as a dog.

Feverfew tea

Daisy-like plant is nutritious treat headaches. Usually, feverfew herb sold in stores in the form of tea and really good if made with honey.

Headache relief medication consumption

When the headache was so strong attack, the consumption of analgesics with a glass of water to drink, and sleep. Do not eat too much because of its long-term effects attacks the liver and kidneys. Consumption only when needed.

Ask someone to massage

Soft Touch is a panacea. Ask someone else to do, so you can relax. Massage on the shoulder and / or neck is very appropriate for headaches caused by stress relief. Massage is also part of a headache in a circular motion with the tip of the forefinger.

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