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Like breakfast, healthy body

Selecting the right kind of breakfast is very important in influencing the health of the body of a person. Choose the type of foods that are high in glycemic index (GI) is low at breakfast or snack.

No matter how busy you are, breakfast or breakfast offers many benefits for the body. Maybe not many people realize that in fact the breakfast is one of the secrets of staying healthy. Breakfast features, including the provision of capital to you to move energy throughout the day. You will not feel slow or seized by the hungry stomach.

However, to obtain an effective 3J breakfast time to the planning, the type and amount of note. Schedule means breakfast is a meal in the morning is not to be missed, just as important as lunch and dinner. Ideally performed one hour after waking up, because at that time most conducive to the metabolism of the body.

While the species is a variety of food will be consumed. A good diet should conform to the concept of a balanced diet with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals as someone. While the number refers to how much is spent on food at breakfast.

"The total intake of nutrients should be consumed each person differently, depending on the physiological condition of the body and daily activities, " said food technology and nutrition experts from the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Prof. Made Astawan MS research when exposure to the second meal effect on Kuningan Suites Jakarta some time ago.

In his research, Made to influence the type of food consumed at breakfast on the profiles of blood sugar after lunch talk. The research on this, so far it has never done in Indonesia. He included 20 respondents who were trained for two months.

During the study period, each participant will receive a different breakfast menu turn. The first week, as many as 100 grams of brown bread. Then the second week on the condition of a healthy snack bar-shaped fruit as much as 100 grams of soy. In the third week did not get breakfast. In the afternoon they had a lunch menu, which is rice with a serving of 125 grams uduk.

As a result, when respondents were not given breakfast, they tend to eat more servings of rice uduk request for extra food or the stomach feel full yet. Even when eating brown bread, they eat in large quantities. While at breakfast by eating fruit soy bar, they have enough to eat in accordance with the specified portions.

This, he said, is related to the level of glycemic index (GI), which is included in both types of food earlier. GI itself is the rate of rise in blood sugar on a scale of 0-100 after eating carbohydrate-rich foods. Known, easily digestible carbohydrates to produce a high GI, so the blood sugar to rise faster and higher. While carbohydrates are digested slowly to produce a low GI, so the increase is slow and low blood sugar.

"Bread flour in chocolate contains high levels of GI as easily digested and quickly the body also lead to hunger. So do not be surprised at lunch requires a large portion. In contrast, soy snacks such as fruit bars are low GI levels, can prevent us from a surplus of food during lunch, so keep your stomach full, "said Made.

Made said, is not excessive when eating lunch, of course, affects the body to maintain weight and convenient to the development of various degenerative diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and others occur. Moreover, foods with a low GI levels are also good for diabetics who need to maintain a stable blood sugar levels.

"This also applies to the types of snacks, not just breakfast. This kind of low GI snacks to maintain the body still full, so his lunch will not be overstated, " he said.

According to Made, not all foods with a high GI levels are not good. These foods should be consumed during fasting or after a heavy workout. Because at that time, the body usually needs a faster increase in stamina and energy.

Healthy Cooking community founder Mom can cook, Rina Poerwadi said, the importance of implementing a healthy diet every day, a familiar breakfast in the morning. If not, he said, the energy levels is reduced when the body will move in the daytime.

Bring a healthy diet, says Rina, it's not easy because so much activity dilakoni must. Therefore, it is fine if someone turned a snack or a snack when hunger comes. But certainly should consider what type of snacks that will be consumed in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day.

"Snacking is encouraged in selasela between breakfast and after lunch. usually for 10 hours or 3 hours, we can enjoy a snack. However, choose the type of foods with low GI levels that can lead to feeling full longer . Do not wait really hungry, because hunger, we tend to eat a lot and tend to a high GI foods, "says Rina.


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