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Detection of Health through the nails

Have you ever noticed that the color of your nails look odd? Most of us occasionally a problem nails, you do not panic. But if you consistently nail strange looks, may be an indication of health problems and it's good to be sent to the doctor.

Consider the seven-try signal supplied to the health of your nails, revised Allwomenstalk.

Pale nails

With age, the nail color to a lighter, slightly pink when we are teenagers. However, nails suddenly appeared instead of many weeks back, can also indicate more serious problems such as anemia, heart or liver disease.

Yellow nail

If your nails yellow, could mean that your nails are too long wearing nail polish or you experience a yeast infection. Relax, most nail fungus infections are easily treated.

Bluish Nails

Bluish colored nails usually indicate a problem with the oxygen in the body, usually caused lung disease or diabetes. It could also mean that you just got chills.

Nail Holes

Do you have a small hole in your nails? Often, simply because if you injure your nails grow. But if the hole a lot, this may be an early sign of psoriasis or arthritis.

Broken and split nails

If your nails always crack, split or peeling layers, this would be a pretty clear indication of thyroid disease. Tests to determine the symptoms is strongly recommended.

Swollen red nails and cuticles

If your cuticles and nails are red and swollen, this can be an indicator of lupus, connective tissue disorders or other diseases. It would also mean that your cuticles with nail polish remover alcohol pain is difficult.

Blue-black or purple-black lines under the nail

This can be a serious problem, because usually an indicator of melanoma skin cancer. It is recommended that you directly to the doctor, because early detection of melanoma, the difference between life and death.



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