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A suction-cigarette, can be deadly!

A suction-cigarette, can be deadly!
"One of cigarettes a day, or just breathe in other people's cigarette smoke can cause heart disease or death," said Dr. Regina M. Benjamin 's warning, U. S. Surgeon General.

"Once tobacco chemicals reach the lungs when you breathe in, direct damage," said Regina, told Health24.

"Inhaling even the smallest level of tobacco in cigarettes can DNA damage also can cause cancer. The more you're exposed to tobacco smoke, very difficult for the body to repair the damage," he continued.

Damage from smoking can occur rapidly

Smoking can also weaken the immune system and the body will more difficult to treat cancer receive healing.

A report of the Surgeon General: How to tobacco smoke causes disease - Biology and Basic Sciences for Smoking-attributable disease, a report by Dr. Regina M. Benjamin first of tobacco and the Surgeon General reports that 30 have been summarized since 1964 that smoking was associated with lung cancer.

"Even smoking in light levels can cause illness. This shows that the effect is so fast. In other words, there is no safe level of smoking. The issue is a no tolerance zone," said Dr. Len Horovitz of Lenox Hill Hospital pulmonologist , New York City.

Smoking is like a trap game

Than 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes can cause cancer 70, while hundreds are toxins that could potentially cause lung disease. The chemical can also damage blood vessels and increases the risk of blood clotting, which is a causal factor of cardiovascular disease.

"A few cigarettes a day can lead to tripled risk of heart disease. In fact, cigarettes are like a trap game like Russian roulette in the quiz show. Cigarettes also interfere with blood sugar control for diabetics and may lead to disorders of pregnancy, "said Horovitz.


Tobacco companies are now even a new formula for the connoisseurs of cigarettes addictive.

"After all, tobacco companies will not stop trying to hook new smokers," said Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association.

"One step we do is increase funding for tobacco prevention and penghentiannya at the highest level, announced a regulation without a cigarette and tobacco tax increase. This is to save many lives, disease and reduce the quality of life of many people improve, "Nancy concluded.



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