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Cigarette Smoke Causes Children Hyperactive

Be careful of those who regularly smoke in the house. Recent research in Britain has concluded that exposure to cigarette smoke cause hyperactive children behave 'badly'.

The children often become victims of smoke from cigarettes smoked father and other relatives. A recent study in the UK demonstrates the fact that often a child is exposed to smoke or 'passive smoking (secondhand smoke) is a mental disorder, especially the hyperactive trigger and behave bad.

These findings, told the investigators, the parents called to immediately stop smoking or at least smoke outside the house to smoke cigarettes diisapnya not adversely affect other people, especially children. It remains unclear whether tobacco smoke cause brain damage or other influencing factors.

"It is good that exposure to cigarette smoke known to non-smokers associated with many physical health problems, particularly in young anak.Namun during the mental health side also not been tested, " said lead researcher Mark Hamer of University College London, London England, as reported by Reuters Health.

Data from the Ministry of Health and Human Services United States, used in this study, there were two of the three children aged between 3 to 11 years who are exposed to cigarette smoke in the United States.

Meanwhile, in children aged 9 to 17 years, about 1 in 5 of whom were diagnosed with some type of mental disorder or addiction. To see if the appropriate statistical data on the problem, Hamer and his colleagues studied 901 children of non-smokers between 4-8 years.

The researchers measured levels of a byproduct of cigarette smoke on the saliva is then measured participants exposure to the smoke. They also asked parents to complete questionnaires on emotional and behavioral problems and social development.

As a result, more and more children are exposed to cigarette smoke, on average, the poorer mental health, especially a child is hyperactive and behave bad.

The final conclusion of this study were published in the latest journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Generally, as much as 3% of all children received a score of "abnormal", ie 20 or more of the strengths and difficulties questionnaire assessment, the highest 40 points of the scale of the worst mental health.

Compared to 101 children who have little exposure to cigarette smoke to receive approximately 361 children are often exposed to cigarette smoke had an average score of 44% higher than the rating, or 9.2 versus 6.4.

This striking difference, researchers concluded after considering a number of factors that may affect mental health such as asthma, physical activity, and family economic income. Yet he could not determine exactly due to various factors not measured may have a role to play.

The study also mentions the children most exposed to smoke while at home. However, these studies do not explain in detail how cigarette smoke cause psychological problems in children.

However, researchers speculate, is related to the effects of smoke on chemicals in the brains, such as dopamine. Genetic factors may also play, or the simple knowledge that cigarettes are harmful if the children breathe it every day.

If Hammer stresses that further research is needed to confirm these findings, Dr. Michael Weitzman of the New York University Medical Center, United States, who was not involved in the research, also strengthens the evidence that exposure to cigarette smoke mental health problems in children cause.

Moreover, he said, a fetus that has begun to be exposed in the womb, "Now many people are already aware that exposure to cigarette smoke may increase the risk of SIDS infants (SIDS) or cot death, ear infections and asthma, increase" Weitzman said.

"Cigarette smoke is also a major burden on the quality of life of children, families and society because it increases the children bring psychological problems," he continued.

He ordered that making a public information campaign about the consequences of this as more efforts to help parents quit smoking.

To truly permanent removal of the smoking habit, Hamer advised parents to try and avoid smoking in the home when their children were around. Cigarette smoke would be harmful to children, both physically and mentally.



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