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Check levels of dehydration Urine Turbidity

Drink plenty of water
After urinating, have you ever noticed the color and turbidity? What is yellow-brown or yellow?

It turns out, the urine turbidity to determine one's level of dehydration. This was announced Dr. Samuel Oetoro SpGK MS, of which food was found in the specialized legal "Water is Life kindness and benefits for the body" in the House of Imam Bonjol, Jakarta, recently.

"At the time of going to the toilet, not just pee, but note the color of our urine. The more turbid, then chances are you are dehydrated, and drink right away," says Dr. Samuel.

"But this is different for those vitamins every day. Normally, urine will appear more turbid than not. For that not to see the process of urination and the first half, mostly because it's a long process of removing vitamins from the body, but see the process of urination is the third, "he described.

Once the importance of adequate water for the body, Dr. Samuel it is always recommended to consume 2 liters of water per day. Even for those who are quite active, add a few liters. Because water is usually lost through urine, perspiration and breathing, that's why you need the water to ensure a balance between incoming and outgoing.

"The impact of potentially fatal dehydration, loss of 2 percent can cause a feeling of thirst, fatigue, weakness, impaired concentration and impaired thinking. Another 4-6 percent if the deficiency, the body will experience severe weakness, pale, dry mucous membranes, decreased urination, and restlessness. When the body is 12 percent missing, the body will not be meresponsif well, urinating none (anuria), face gray look, blood pressure, heart rate very quickly, which can be fatal fallen "he concluded.



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