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Vitamin C and herbs can not stop flu?

In a sign of a cold, you immediately take vitamin C or drink a cup of hot herbal tea, such as ekinasea (Echinacea)? Both were reportedly unable to combat the symptoms of flu.

Vitamin C and herbs ekinasea can not ward off the common cold. , researchers have different opinions about this.

/ Columbia Dr. Seth Feltheimer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Medical Center stated, there are no consistently positive reviews of vitamin C or ekinasea.

"I think I want to say that vitamin C and ekinasea useful, but can not," he said, as quoted from NYdailynews, Thursday (12/23/2010).

Ekinesea provides warmth for the body is cold to prevent sneezing and a runny nose. In fact, according to a study by the American College of Physicians, this herb as a way to prevent flu with only "minimal effect".

While Joy Lindquist, health coordinator of the Cancer Center of Long Island College Hospital, said that vitamin C and ekinasea effective as those at the first sign of flu.

"The reason they are not effective for some people is a special case. If you take a bad diet, not to maintain personal hygiene, and not enough rest, do not expect them to work," he said.

Lindquist ekinasea recommend 6-8 tablets per day, along with 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C. He recommends high doses of vitamin C.

n," he said.

The results indicated that the tablet ekinasea opposite is not the severity of flu symptoms to reduce and shorten the duration of the cough is only about 70-20 hours. In fact, this study concludes, in most cases, ekinasea not useful.

Flu Prevention

ENT specialists Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Jordan S. Josephson believes that taking vitamin C can help reduce the severity of a cold, but researchers are still analyzing whether vitamin C is really effective.

"More detailed studies are needed," he said.

As a form of flu prevention, Dr. Jordan said, good nutrition, adequate rest, and taking a multivitamin.

"This season is particularly important for the body enough rest. It is also important for the body to retain more water to drink," he advised.

One of the other supplements to be consumed, is zinc.

"There is evidence that zinc tablets, the duration of the flu cuts. But, unpleasant taste of zinc tablets and their side effects, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence and cause, " he said.



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