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How to Beat Stress Quickly

Stress can indeed happen to anyone, including youth groups. To beat stress, you can create a number of ways. Something?

Here is the advice from Dr. Miriam Stoppard, as summarized in his book titled "Family Health Guide ":

1. Make a list of your three best qualities. Do people describe you, for example, as someone who is kind, compassionate, and trustworthy? Take this list and see for yourself when you think of something unpleasant.

2. Save an expression of encouragement to say to yourself when pressed. It is amazingly simple, repetitive phrases like "I can overcome" the stress response can lead to.

3. Make a diary of all small and fun events. Talked about these things with your partner or friends every day. Write down what you do as an entertainment and fun. Look back at your diary every week to the progress you have made to see and plan what you want to achieve the following.



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